What do our students and graduates say about their studies at EDU Effective?

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"This MBA program is not about theory, but about the practical experience of experts in the field. The study helped me to use current experience and knowledge and apply them to the real environment of business using real-world examples and examples of American professionals in modern marketing. The advantage of this curriculum is definitely a time independence and the possibility to return to study according to time possibilities."
Ing. Jan Strasek, MBAEngineer and Sales Manager at Škoda Auto Dealership
"I am really satisfied with the MBA Marketing specialization. As a student and copywriter, I do appreciate the meaningfully constructed lessons, which don't go into the deepest details, but clearly present just the most important. I go through the process by myself according to my current time possibilities. If I need to ask a question, I get an accurate answer by email in a few minutes. Plus, I've improved my English skills. All those who hesitate, I can only recommend the program."
Miroslav Dvorak, MBAFreelancer
"The school is based on quality lecturers and innovative use of our time and I also appreciate the philanthropic attitude. The program is truly exciting, effective thanks to the microlearning, and meets my needs and interests. The up-to-date topics and quality lecturers are pushing me forward in my professional as well as personal life. From the start, the approach of a whole school is so supportive and helpful. Thank you!"
Mgr. Jiri Hudec, MBACase Manager
"The LL.M. program combines distinctive theoretical subjects with practical case studies in a way that we can associate them with our day-to-day work. The study materials of this course are outstanding and it has been allowing me to broaden my knowledge in Business Law and to gain a better insight into the legal aspects of Management. It is truly a rewarding experience!"
Rafael Calesso Urbanovicz, LL.M.Classification Specialist at Amazon
Jitka Fialova
"First I was quite skeptical about MBA for the best price on the market, however, it also turned out to be the best investment I made in the past year. I loved the way video courses were made by excellent lectors from praxis. Even the after-course questions with reflection were very useful for me. I can recommend the program as it sticks to the promise "effective" and I would also add help in your personal and career progress."
Mgr. Jitka Fialova, MBAFreelance Political Advisor & Coach
"This type of study is exactly what I was looking for. I consider e-learning to be very effective, but here it will also connect you with the best lecturers in the field. If you look at the price-performance ratio, you get the best on both sides. You can study in your spare time, if an idea appeals to you more than another, you can return to it at any time, which is not possible with conventional study. Thanks for this great opportunity!"
Mgr. Martin Hejl, MBADirector at Scripture Union
"This school was my first choice right away. There are no time limitations, so I was able to plan when and for how long I would like to work in this area. Another great bonus is that instead of tons of theory, you are provided with practical information from qualified mentors. I highly recommend this school to anyone wishing to enhance their education."
Ing. Marcel Sihor, Ph.D., MBAResearch Scientist
"With the study of MBA - Coaching, Mentoring & Leadership, I am absolutely satisfied. Instructional videos are practically interesting and beneficial. Moreover, I've improved my English. Highly recommend EDU Effective."
Mgr. Petr Ruzicka, MBATeacher
"Even on maternity leave, you can study. Thanks to this program I started working for a recruitment agency and I immediately put my newly gained experience into practice. I've worked in human resources before and I can say with a clear mind that starting an MBA program at this school was the best choice I could make. Studying gave me a lot of new experiences that introduced me to new unknown parts of human resources."
Bc. Marie Rusnak Kocumova, DiS., MBAProcurement Specialist
"An effective MBA indeed, without the academic fluff and overload. Focussed on practicality, whilst also spurring critical thinking. Designed with a high degree of flexibility to fit around busy life-styles. Presented and delivered in digestible bite-size chunks for ease of understanding, commitment to memory and application in real-life business situations."
Azmeer Sahebally, MBA Operations Manager, Financial Services
"I enjoyed my MBA studies at EDU Effective. I'm glad that I have expanded my knowledge and improved my skills in the field of management, which I'm interested in. Low price of quality education, own study pace, practical focus, the experience of experts from practice... These are undeniable advantages of the study, which I was personally convinced of."
Roman Svanovsky, MBATeacher of Professional Subjects
"The quality of the content was really above my expectations. I've chosen MBA Executive Management specialization. I see the greatest benefit in the fact that I am systematically served pre-selected quality content that I really use right away in practice. I enjoy EDU daily. You can apply it straight away, when you're at the meeting with subject specialists where you don't have deep knowledge."
Martin Mlcoch, MBAB2B Sales Consultant at SALESDOCk
"I'm really excited. The program is great for people who are very busy. It will help you broaden your view. Don't hesitate, you will be as excited and satisfied as I am."
Leo Dvorak, LL.M.PR Manager
"The course materials are very beneficial, and the approach is practical, easy to learn."
Yulisar Ganda Putra, DBAProject Specialist
"Enthusiasm was the feeling I had all through my MBA. Effective, well-designed study plans. You only learn what's important at a time that suits you from professionals in the field. Superbly sophisticated teaching, you study when you want to. You can go back to your work in progress, lessons you're interested in repeating several times, you can access them from anywhere. I was hesitating to study for a long time because of my English teaching, but there's nothing to worry about. There is nothing to wait for, shift your employability in the labor market today, and improve your knowledge and skills, just like me."
Bc. Monika Rejzkova, MBA Account officer
"The best investment you can make is into yourself and I cannot imagine better spent time during the times of global restrictions than in self-learning and improvement. What else I appreciate is that everything taught in EDU courses is valid throughout the world - nothing is limited only to US conditions, which makes the knowledge directly applicable to any region. Last but not least, I am feeling my English getting boosted to the stratosphere - no foreign speaker can reliably say they understand all the phrases and idioms. For all of this and much more, I remain grateful and evaluate this study with 5* out of 5. "
Matej Sehnal, MBASenior mortgage broker at Českomoravská hypoteční, a.s. (Olomouc)
"I discovered EDU Effective Business School only recently and very soon became a lifelong fan. Such an amazing learning experience, the best ever. Hopefully, many others will have the chance of experiencing this. Big thanks!"
Bc. Leila Lee Havran Herianova, MBACurrently on Maternity Leave
"I appreciated the possibility of online education as well as the fact that I can choose the time and pace of education myself. I also appreciate the opportunity to improve my language skills. Besides video lessons, you can also use a big amount of written materials, if you prefer this form. The acquired knowledge in the areas like Time management, Data privacy, Business Law, and Leadership are already a benefit in my everyday business effort and decision-making."
Ing. Robert Lukes, LL.M.Sales manager, DPO
"This MBA course is very flexible, you can finish it within 10 months or even earlier if you spend more time a day. The content is structured and easy to understand for everybody. The best thing is that everything is kept online so that you do not need to leave the house for lectures, exams, or even the final exam. I can only highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to be in a leading position in the future."
Ing. Mithun Suresh, MBAManufacturing Quality Engineer at Xsens
"I evaluate the study as very time-efficient. Thanks to the time management of the program - 15 min./day, it is possible to meet the study goals even for very busy individuals. Another benefit that surprised me is the huge amount of educational materials that I had available. Information - knowledge is by the latest knowledge in the field. Therefore, after graduating from LL.M. I've decided to enroll in the DBA program."
Petr Karmazin, MSc., MBA, LL.M.Assistant Professor Urgent Care and Crisis Management
"Effective MBA has significantly improved my competencies and skills, through which I can influence the professional growth of other people."   WATCH VIDEO HERE
Lukas Sieber, MBASoftware Developer
"I really like the style and content of the program, I am doing very well at studying LL.M. and I’m quite fast at it as well. My test score is about 97 percent.“
Tomas Materna, LL.M.Business Law
"EDU will not only help you expand your perspective, but also improve your English language. Lessons are created in a meaningful way and give the most important and key information on topics. Big advantage is time flexibility, you can study whenever it suits you. For all those who hesitate to invest in their knowledge, I can highly recommend the program."
Iva Liskova, MBAOperations Manager
"Lecturers are real professionals in their field. The great advantage of this program is time flexibility, but also the highly entertaining and practical concept of speakers. The only disadvantage (for some) is that the study is only in English language. But even I, with my (barely) B1 level and the occasional google translator usage, manage to study the MBA program in English language."
Petr Mika, MBAFreight Forwarder & IT Administrator TMS
"You can study at any time during the day, whenever you have free time. I appreciated the content of individual lessons, the possibility of downloading additional learning books, and especially the short daily tips videos, in which I gained a lot of interesting information, how to solve various situations in communication with colleagues, etc. MBA study will bring you both theoretical foundations and practical mentoring by professionals."
Ing. Petr Marecek Ph.D., MSc., MBASenior Material Research Engineer
"I found the study very beneficial in several aspects. Short videos, an amazing compilation of so many inspiring business topics, great and practical tips, plus an improvement in a foreign language. I can even manage the study while I take care of my family. Thank you very much for the great opportunity!"
Pavla Koubkova, MBATeam Leader, Currently on Maternity Leave
"The content was surprisingly good, even above my expectations. I wasn't sure what to expect before I started. Everything was smooth from the beginning and this is just how I expect to be educated in the 21. century. I've chosen MBA Startups and Entrepreneurship and honestly, I have expanded my knowledge a lot. As another significant benefit, it's also affordable."
Milan Schobel, MBACEO at Finance Pitch
"The LL.M. program offered by EDU Effective Business School is an excellent and modern way of education. I perceive the importance of practice in my work daily. Expert advice combined with experience can help other beginning managers. It is a project worth following and I am glad that there is such an opportunity in education."
PhDr. Mgr. Ondrej Miskovic, LL.M.PR manager
"Thanks to EDU Effective, I was able to study in my free time. A high-quality study program which will certainly provide new knowledge and skills that can be used in further education or career. If you want to invest in your knowledge, choose EDU Effective."
Milenko Kazimirović, MBASenior HR Coordinator at Manuvia a.s.
"My industry-related management experience has been given further exposure and empowered me to start a business with confidence. Well-tailored materials and value-adding lectures from experts, CEOs, and captains of industries on a global scale."
Francis Nwajei, MBAEngineering Manager
"Great idea! Study at your own pace. EDU Effective - Business studies made accessible. The best affordable online MBA currently available."
Jan Vrba, MBAEntrepreneur
"The micro-learning method is the best way to learn today!"
Joy Weigand, DBAFreelance Consultant
"EDU Effective is one of the best affordable online MBA available currently. This course is comprehensive and designed to meet the requirements of working professionals, managers, and people aspiring to become managers. The modules and topics covered under this course are worth the value."
Lalit Bisht, MBASenior Project Manager
"I can study anytime and anywhere with high-quality materials and an excellent e-learning platform. Practical approaches obtained from experienced lecturers. I also took a Master's degree at a local university. Some modules in this program, in my opinion, offer better quality and content."
Donald H. Sitompul, MBADeputy Vice President Of Information
"This MBA program is prepared very well and connected with the work experiences of real professionals. The possibility of studying online is a great advantage. I can recommend it to everyone."
Bc. Svetlana Zimova, MBA Automotive
"Quality and clear video lectures helped me to understand each module. EDU Effective was the right choice, which provided me with quality education and excellent support throughout my studies."
Martin Lacko, MBA, LL.M.Manager
"Studying has always been time-consuming for me, which is why I was looking for something that would complete my knowledge and wouldn't take up all my time. Thanks to the time independence of my studies, I can schedule my lessons as I wish and have enough free time to work. As a junior marketer, studying marketing has given me a lot of useful information that is essential to my profession. The relationship between the price and quality in the marketplace is certainly incomparable, since the rule here is ''for a little money, a lot of fun.''
Marketa Bartova, MBAMarketing Manager at MBL

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