Frequently Asked Questions


If you cannot find the answers to all your questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Information about studies

Who is the right applicant for our Effective Courses?

Every professional:

- seeking personal career growth

- ready to take his or her business and brand to the next level

- who feels stuck in their professional life

- with a minimum high school diploma

- who likes modern technology

- who wants to grasp knowledge and information from around the world

- who likes lifelong learning and personal development

- who wants to study via micro-learning (15 minutes a day)

You can complete this short quiz to see if the online Effective MBA, MPA, LL.M. or MSc. is the right choice for you!

How do our Effective Courses work?

After signing up for the course, you are given access to your personal student account where you can find all the materials and information about your studies.

Our Effective Courses consist of 10 monthly modules, each of which comprises 30 blocks (daily lessons) - 15 minutes of video courses, discussions, tips & tricks, etc. Once you complete one daily block, another one will be automatically uploaded to your student account in 4 hours.

Do you need to skip a day or more? No problem! We offer a 2-month-long anti-stress time reserve to complete the course. As an EDU Effective student, you are part of an online community where you can share your opinions, ideas and experience, network and participate in the open forum in our student system.

What is the language of the studies?

Our courses are in English (including content materials like videos, e-books, tips, e-tests, etc.). But you have the possibility to submit written outputs (evaluation and contribution of modules and personal action plans) in your native language. Communication with EDU Effective is in English, Czech or Slovak language.

Note: Tutorial videos have transcripts in English and you can translate them into your language using, for example, online translators. Featured videos usually have the option of auto-generated subtitles in various languages, plus you can also slow the videos down and thus make it easier to understand the content.

What is the length of the studies?

The Effective MBA, MPA, MSc. or LL.M. consist of 10 modules. Each module comprises of 30 fifteen minutes long blocks (daily lessons). This means that if you proceed at the designed pace, you will complete the course in 10 months. You can, of course, finish your studies earlier, if you complete more blocks a day. To ensure that you have all the time you need, we provide an extra 2-month-long anti-stress time reserve, which means that you have a total of 12 months to complete the course.

Please note that there is a 4-hour delay in between each two daily blocks to ensure that the micro-learning aspect of your studies remains as effective as possible. This means that after you complete one block, another one will automatically uploaded to your student system in 4 hours.

When can I start?

Immediately - you don't have to wait for anything, start today! You can apply immediately to secure your spot.

What if I need to skip a day or more?

No problem! Each lesson is unlocked after the completion of the previous one; if you miss a day or two, you will continue where you left off. We recommend that you follow the daily routine, but we understand that it is not always possible.

Why is there a delay in between the daily blocks?

The 4 hour gap delay is present to maintain the effectiveness of micro-learning. The new information must be applied gradually (plus you develop a great habit of daily studying). The delay works as follows: at the beginning of the study you will see 3 blocks in the student platform (Welcome, About Module I., Block 1/30). All blocks with a number have a set delay. After one block is completed, another block is automatically added to the system in 4 hours.

Do our courses have official EQF rating?

Since we are based in the Czech Republic and titles like MBA are considered professional here, they cannot have an official EQF rating, as EQF is mainly connected with academic titles and primary and secondary education.

Can I see a sample of the Enrollment Agreement?

Sure, you can download a sample of the Enrollment Agreement below.

Do we have a student handbook?

Yes, we do! Feel You can find there a brief summary of our mission, vision but also all the details you need to know about your studies.
Download our student handbook here.

Content of the studies

Who created the content of our courses?

Our courses were created by successful managers, entrepreneurs and university professors. We have read and viewed thousands of videos, articles, websites and other materials, and filtered out the most effective and up-to-date information for your development.

The key component of the studies is the discussion forum, where you can network with fellow students and graduates, share opinions and experiences, ask questions, and help each other.

Is it possible to talk to the teachers or lecturers?

You will have the opportunity to ask questions within the online forum to students and mentors.

Are there exams in the course?

Yes, there are online tests throughout and after each module which is a great way to see for yourself how much you have learned. At the end of your Effective Course, you also take a final online knowledge test.


Low cost, low quality?


While other schools have steep tuition prices, we were able to achieve low costs thanks to:

- low-cost tuition concept

- volunteering work

- 100% online form of our courses

- pre-selecting the best content

- favorable licensing prices for video courses

How can I pay?

Via PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. Please note, that the invoice is issued by EDU Effective Business School with our US address. You can pay in one payment or you can choose monthly installments tuition plan.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee - if you are not satisfied with the courses within 14 days upon purchasing, please contact us at to request a refund.

Can I try the studies before purchasing?

Of course. We have prepared a trial version of our student account where you can try the first module of your chosen specialization. You can apply for the FREE TRIAL HERE

Can I get a discount if I purchase another Effective Course?

Yes! We offer a 100 EUR discount to our graduates if they continue to study another Effective Course (MBA, MPA, LL.M. or MSc.).

Do you support any charities?

Yes, we do. Supporting charity is very important to us. EDU Effective donates to charity or to our Scholarship fund ‚ā¨25 for each student who has completed their studies. Together we help those in need.

Accreditation, recognition and diploma

Will I get a certificate after graduation?

Yes, after the completion of your studies, you will receive professional certificates of completion of each module during their study, as well as a transcript of records and completion certificate of your whole Effective Course accredited by ASIC.

Are your courses recognized?

Please find out more about the recognition & accreditation in our "Recognition & Accreditation" section under "About us" in the main Menu.

Can I receive a paper version of the certificate & transcript of records?

The tuition fee includes everything you need to successfully complete your studies, including an electronic version of a completion certificate and transcript of records. Both the mentioned documents can be obtained in paper form for an administrative fee. More information regarding optional costs here

Effective Courses

What are the admission requirements for your Effective Courses?

We require a university degree or secondary school education with at least 2 years of work experience and basic knowledge of the English language.

During your studies, you will have the possibility to write any written outputs in your native language. Communication with EDU Effective team is in English, Czech or Slovak.

What is the length of the Effective Courses?

10 months or less. The standard length of the our Effective MBA, MPA, LL.M. and MSc. courses is 10 months (1 module a month) but you have 2 extra months as a time reserve to finish the course.

What specializations do you offer?

Effective MBA Specializations (each specialization has 10 topics):

- Executive Management

- Startups and Entrepreneurship

- Project management

- Marketing for the 21st century

- Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership

- Human Resources

- Business Analytics

- Business Intelligence

- Real Estate

- Supply Chain Management

- Sustainable and Inclusive Leadership

- Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning

- Ethical Hacking

Effective MPA Specialization (specialization has 10 topics):

- Master of Public Administration

Effective MSc. Specialization (specialization has 10 topics):

- MSc. in Management

- MSc. in Marketing

- MSc. in Project Management

Effective LL.M. Specialization (specialization has 10 topics):

- LL.M. in Business and Law

Technical requirements

What are the computer requirements for your studies?

Basically, if you have a device (notebook, computer or tablet) that can run online video meetings and calls, you will be able to play all of the study materials.

In terms of tech, the recommended requirements are at least 2 GHz Processor or higher, 4GB or higher of Memory (RAM), Internet connection, webcam (prior to sitting a test a student is obliged to confirm their identity).

Can I study on my tablet or smartphone?

Absolutely! Our student system can be used on tablets as well as smartphones. You can, of course, still study on your computer or laptop.


  • 100 % online micro-learning - just 15 minutes a¬†day
  • 10 modules = 10 certificates = Effective Course certificate
  • Effective MBA specializations: Executive Management, Startups and Entrepreneurship,
    Project Management, Online Marketing, Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership, Human Resources, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Real Estate, Supply Chain Management, Sustainable and Inclusive Leadership, Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning, Ethical Hacking and more
  • Effective LL.M. specialization: Business and Law
  • Effective MPA specialization: Master of Public Administration
  • Effective MSc. specializations: Management, Marketing, Project Management¬†
  • Ebooks, audiobooks, videos, tips and tricks, networking
  • Secondary education at minimum and work experience required for admission
  • Language: English
  • Tuition starts from ‚ā¨595 in one payment for each Effective Course or you can choose monthly installments tuition plan
  • You can start to study immediately, for example today!
  • EDU Effective donates¬†to charity ‚ā¨25 for each student who completes their studies