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"This MBA program is not about theory, but about the practical experience of experts in the field. The study helped me to use current experience and knowledge and apply them to the real environment of business using real-world examples and examples of American professionals in modern marketing. The advantage of this curriculum is definitely a time independence and the possibility to return to study according to time possibilities."
Ing. Jan Strašek, MBAEngineer and Sales Manager at Škoda Auto Dealership
"I am really satisfied with the MBA Marketing specialization. As a student and copywriter, I do appreciate the meaningfully constructed lessons, which don't go into the deepest details, but clearly present just the most important. I go through the process by myself according to my current time possibilities. If I need to ask a question, I get an accurate answer by email in a few minutes. Plus, I've improved my English skills. All those who hesitate, I can only recommend the program."
Miroslav Dvořák, MBAFreelancer
"Thanks to EDU Effective, I was able to study in my free time. A high-quality study program which will certainly provide new knowledge and skills that can be used in further education or career. If you want to invest in your knowledge, choose EDU Effective."
Milenko Kazimirović, MBASenior HR Coordinator at Manuvia a.s.
"My industry-related management experience has been given further exposure and empowered me to start a business with confidence. Well-tailored materials and value-adding lectures from experts, CEOs, and captains of industries on a global scale."
Francis Nwajei, MBAEngineering Manager
"I'm really excited. The program is great for people who are very busy. It will help you broaden your view. Don't hesitate, you will be as excited and satisfied as I am."
Leo Dvorak, LL.M.PR Manager
"The course materials are very beneficial, and the approach is practical, easy to learn."
Yulisar Ganda Putra, DBAProject Specialist
"Effective MBA has significantly improved my competencies and skills, through which I can influence the professional growth of other people."
Lukas Sieber, MBASoftware Developer
"I really like the style and content of the program, I am doing very well at studying LL.M. and I’m quite fast at it as well. My test score is about 97 percent.“
Tomas Materna, LL.M.Business Law
"EDU will not only help you expand your perspective, but also improve your English language. Lessons are created in a meaningful way and give the most important and key information on topics. Big advantage is time flexibility, you can study whenever it suits you. For all those who hesitate to invest in their knowledge, I can highly recommend the program."
Iva Lišková, MBAStudent
"Lecturers are real professionals in their field. The great advantage of this program is time flexibility, but also the highly entertaining and practical concept of speakers. The only disadvantage (for some) is that the study is only in English language. But even I, with my (barely) B1 level and the occasional google translator usage, manage to study the MBA program in English language."
Petr Mika, MBAFreight Forwarder & IT Administrator TMS
"Great idea! Study at your own pace. EDU Effective - Business studies made accessible. The best affordable online MBA currently available."
Jan Vrba, MBAEntrepreneur
"The micro-learning method is the best way to learn today!"
Joy Weigand, DBAFreelance Consultant
"EDU Effective is one of the best affordable online MBA available currently. This course is comprehensive and designed to meet the requirements of working professionals, managers, and people aspiring to become managers. The modules and topics covered under this course are worth the value."
Lalit Bisht, MBASenior Project Manager
"I can study anytime and anywhere with high-quality materials and an excellent e-learning platform. Practical approaches obtained from experienced lecturers. I also took a Master's degree at a local university. Some modules in this program, in my opinion, offer better quality and content."
Donald H. Sitompul, MBADeputy Vice President Of Information
"Studying has always been time-consuming for me, which is why I was looking for something that would complete my knowledge and wouldn't take up all my time. Thanks to the time independence of my studies, I can schedule my lessons as I wish and have enough free time to work. As a junior marketer, studying marketing has given me a lot of useful information that is essential to my profession. The relationship between the price and quality in the marketplace is certainly incomparable, since the rule here is ''for a little money, a lot of fun.''
Marketa Bartova, MBAMarketing Manager at MBL

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