Alumni program

Do not lose your learning habits after graduation

Keep learning from our online platforms

Keep access to LinkedIn Learning, Bookboon, Talent LMS and retain your learning habits. Receive monthly and weekly study challenges

Join international networking events

Connect with other professionals from all over the world

Contribute to spreading quality education

Contribute to scholarship fund and support those, who could not afford quality education without your help

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Alumni Free

After a successfull completion of your program, you are now becoming a part of our worldwide alumni program and you can also enjoy these benefits free of charge:

  • Discount €100 on Masters and €200 on Doctoral programs
  • Materials from our blog and social media
  • Access to LinkedIn Networking Group
  • Access to one webinar every month for free
Academic Hat



Join the Alumni+ program for a monthly membership fee and do not lose your learning habits after graduation. Get free access to bonuses worth over €1.300, including:

  • Discount €100 on Masters and €200 on Doctoral programs
  • Materials from our blog and social media
  • Access to LinkedIn Networking Group
  • Access to all our webinars for free
  • Access to online learning platforms Talent LMS, LinkedIn Learning, and BookBoon
  • Weekly and monthly course recommendations
  • Networking events and panel discussions
  • Access to conferences of our academic partner
  • Membership in our premium Alumni+ LinkedIn Group

What is included?

Get involved and gain bonuses worth €1.300 with Alumni+

17 000+ Video Courses, Ebooks, and Audiobooks

Keep access to your student account in Talent LMS, LinkedIn Learning, and Bookboon

Study Challenges

We will regularly pick the best courses and up-to-date materials to keep you active

Online Webinars

Broaden your horizons and join webinars of our academic partner LIGS University

International Networking

Connect with other alumni from all over the world at networking events, panel discussions, or in an exclusive Alumni+ LinkedIn group

Academic Conferences

Attend online academic conferences and learn about the latest trends in the business world

Cooperation and Special Perks

Become EDU Effective Ambassador and get special perks of your choice

Choose your pricing plan

Pricing Plans for Alumni+ Membership

Alumni+ monthly
Alumni+ Membership 1 month

Monthly payment of €9.90

Alumni+ 12 months
Alumni+ Membership 12 months

Yearly payment of €89.90


Our mission is to help and bring effectiveness, success, innovation, experiences, knowledge and information from the unfathomable vastness of the internet to students from all over the world at a fair price. We are here for those to whom education and lifelong development is of consequence.


EDU Effective was created with the vision of becoming the pinnacle of education, focused on innovation and use of current, available technologies. We continuously work to make sure that our products, services, and customer care exceed the expectations of our candidates, students and lecturers.


Great team: We take great care in selection of collaborators. They are the ones picking the relevant content for your improvement.

Effective education: Our online education is a step ahead of traditional education, even exceeding the students’ expectations.