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How to succeed with your answer? Here are a few tips:

  • Write to the point, answer the question asked.
  • Do not write too long answer, 3 to 5 sentences are just enough.
  • Look forward - instead of lengthy description of your current situation, focus on future. How will you benefit from the scholarship?
  • Stay positive - give your answer positive tone, even though you might be in a tough situation. 
  • Ask someone to proofread your answer for mistakes.

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Scholarship Timeline

Please kindly check out terms and conditions below to avoid any misunderstandings or confusions.

Terms and conditions

of the Joseph James LeVesque Scholarship:

  • Each applicant can apply only ONCE.
  • Anyone from any country in the world over 21 years old is eligible to apply.
  • If a selected prospective student doesn’t claim their scholarship and fails to enroll within those 60 days, the funds will be transferred to the next scholarship period to be used by other applicants.
  • Scholarship can be claimed only before enrolling at EDU Effective.
  • Scholarship applicants must provide true and full information. If they fail to do so, the scholarship will be taken away from the applicant and given to another prospective student.
  • It’s mandatory that every student who is granted the scholarship informs EDU Effective about issues that might affect their studies in any way. To do so, send an email with an explanation of the issue to
  • The short list will be compiled on the basis of the materials received and an individual assessment of each application as follows: The maximum number of points that an application can receive is 100 (maximum 80 points for the cover letter, maximum 20 points for the CV and LinkedIn profile if applicable).
  • See the detailed terms and conditions.