Cancellation and refund policy


EDU Effective Students have the right to cancel their Enrollment Agreement at any time and are not charged any fees during the first 14 days of enrollment or prior to the first day of the course.

A student’s letter of cancellation must be emailed to in written form.

The letter of cancellation takes effect ten days after EDU Effective receives the letter. The student can cancel the decision during these 10 days and continue studying.


Students who unsubscribe or leave the course do not have to pay the tuition for the next module. 

Students who remain in their course beyond the course withdrawal deadline are not eligible for a refund of the tuition. The tuition is only refundable in instances where the EDU Effective has canceled a student's course or if the student’s work was not assessed at all during the course.

Students who stay out of the course are not eligible for a refund. The tuition is refundable only in cases where the EDU Effective canceled the course.