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LL.D. program at EDU Effective Business School

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  • 12 months or less
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  • 12 modules = 12 certificates

LL.D. in Business Law

  • The reason for establishment of Effective LL.D. in Business Law was the need of lawyers, solicitors, judges, in-house lawyers, managers and others interested in law to have a program where they could refresh and improve their knowledge and get up-to-date information from this demanding field.
  • Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) is a practice-oriented program, with a focus on Business Law, Intellectual property, Copyright, Patents & Trademarks, GDPR and Data privacy, Information Privacy, and management essentials, such as Leadership, that are in high demand in order to become the future leaders of the legal service industry and management in general.
  • In the next part of the program, within the Scientific-research module I.-VI., students will get acquainted with the procedure of dissertation preparation, research methods, writing and defense of the dissertation.
  • The last two modules are designed to complete, submit and defend the dissertation. Students choose the topic of their dissertation from the field of study specialization.
  • You can get the necessary inspiration for the job of a coach, mentor or leader from managers of successful companies such as AirBnB, Microsoft, Adidas, Nike, Kraft Heinz, Tesla, Alphabet, IBM, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, Uber and others.

Is Online Effective LL.D. right for me?

LL.D. Business Law consists of 12 Modules

Effective LL.D.

1. Business Law and Ethics

Content includes: Business Law for Managers, Podcasting: Business and Law, Business Ethics for Managers and Leaders, Business Ethics for Sales Professionals, Values and Ethics: Case Studies in Action, Human Resources: Protecting Confidentiality

2. Effective Leadership

Content includes: Leadership Insights, Digital Leadership, Social Media for Leadership, Transitioning from Manager to Leader, Lead Like a Boss, Leadership Philosophy, Practical Skills

3. Intellectual Property, Copyright, Patents and Trademarks

Content includes: Understanding Intellectual Property, Understanding Copyright: A Deeper Dive, Understanding Trademarks: A Deeper Dive, Understanding Rights of Publicity: A Deeper Dive Understanding Patents: A Deeper Dive

4. Data Protection (GDPR) and Privacy

Content includes: Become a GDPR and Data Privacy Expert

5. Privacy in the US context

Content includes: Become a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US)

6. Scientific-research module I. - Research, Information literacy

Content includes: Information Literacy, Academic Research: Quantitative, Writing with Impact, etc.

7. Scientific-research module II. - Dissertation Writing I.

Content includes: Writing Case Studies, Writing a Research Paper, Writing a Strong Essay, Writing Articles, etc.

8. Scientific-research module III. - Dissertation Writing II.

Content includes: Writing in Plain English, Writing in Plain Language, Productivity Hacks for Writers, etc.

9. Scientific-research module IV. - Dissertation Writing III.

Content includes: Grammar Foundations, Advanced Grammar, Editing and Proofreading, etc.

10. Scientific-research module V. - Submission and evaluation of the dissertation

Content includes: In this module you submit your dissertation and the supervisor and the opponent will evaluate it. Successful evaluation is a condition for defending the dissertation.

11. Scientific-research module VI. - Dissertation defense preparation

Content includes: The aim of this module is your preparation for the presentation of a dissertation at the online presentation before a Board of Examiners.

12. Dissertation defense

Content includes: The last step of a successful LL.D. study is an online defense of your dissertation and answer all the questions before the Board of Examiners.

LL.D. Tuition Plans

TUITION was decreased by 16,7 % until March 2022, to help students due to COVID-19

EDU Effective donates up to €179 for each student who has completed his studies to charity

LL.D. Monthly Installments Tuition Plan
12 x €450
12 x €375
twelve monthly installments
€4.500 for the whole LL.D. program

LL.D. Program Details

Benefits & Features

Get It Done 100% Online
15 Mins Per Day
One LL.D.


12 Modules
Two Scholarships
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Effective LL.D. consists of daily short lessons which follow the principles of microlearning. This way it is easy to find time every day, maintain focus and learn only what you really need.

How does the Effective LL.D. work?

Thanks to this program I started working for a recruitment agency and I immediately put my newly gained experience into practice."
Bc. Marie Rusnak Kocumova, DiS., MBAProcurement Specialist

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