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From an accreditation perspective, studying at EDU Effective Business School is designed for the adult employed professionals for whom it is the most beneficial and efficient microlearning form of study (more on microlearning here).

The practical benefits of studying for students are a crucial value and goal for us, and that is why it subject not only the chosen form of study but also the certification and accreditation that we either already have or by which we are currently striving and will continue to persist.

EDU Effective Business School (USA), and EDU Effective (Czech Republic, EU) are currently the holder of valid International accreditations granted by the International Education Society London (IES); The International Certification Institute (ICI) and another application for international accreditation is currently being prepared!

Studying at EDU Effective Business School is such a great alternative to higher education or postgraduate studies for adult students looking for immediate benefits in their practice, up-to-date knowledge, information, and contacts. Both from practitioners (for example, from companies like Airbnb, Tesla, Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Microsoft, etc., both from academia (Harvard Business School, University of Cambridge, and other world-class universities) selected by experts from EDU Effective Business School. This is a unique selection of videos, courses, ebooks, audiobooks, webinars, and other material from professionals that you can hardly find in this composition at any other school. And that’s what we’re up for truly proud!

What are the main differences between the accreditation system in the USA and Europe?

Briefly about the importance and method of accreditation in the USA, the accreditation recognized by the US Department of Education is voluntary, meaning it is not mandatory. It depends on each school whether or not it wants to strive for it. If a school decides to seek US federal accreditation, it must usually have been on the market for at least two years and meet other conditions. After obtaining it, for example, the school can arrange advantageous student loans for American students.

On the other hand, in the Czech Republic, MBA, LL.M., MPA, MSc., and DBA programs are not considered academic degrees (because the Czech Higher Education Act does not recognize them) but are considered professional degrees within the framework of lifelong learning. For this reason, they cannot be accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic.

Given the focus and goals of EDU Effective, global students, and our significant tuition fees, we don’t need to take advantage of the student loan institute, so we’re not currently considering US federal accreditation. This is also because obtaining US federal accreditation is very time-consuming and financially demanding in the long run and would not allow us to quickly introduce innovations, new programs, and specializations, which would translate into a significant increase in tuition and practical benefits for students. If the situation changes in the future, we will respond. However, we now want and will focus on offering other current subjects needed in a rapidly changing and evolving world for adult students.

Who is studying at EDU Effective designed for?

Our goal is not to be “just” another business school or college but a practical educational institute for those aiming not just for a university degree but for actual and up-to-date knowledge, skills, contacts with students from all over the world, personal development, and improvement. Therefore, if you’re looking for a formal master’s degree accredited in a particular country, we are not the right choice for you. Before starting your studies, you are advised to check with the relevant authority first (Ministry of Education etc.) to its recognition/nostrification as an equal master’s degree. As a global school, we have no experience of formal eligibility in the individual states of the world, as this is not our main goal.

What does a student gain by studying at EDU?

As mentioned above, at EDU Effective study adult professionals from all over the world who want to gain practical knowledge, skills, and information that can be used immediately in practice to be members of an international community that shares their knowledge, experience, and motivates each other in the study. At the same time, such working students want to help not only themselves but also charity and donate.

Such students will learn the habit of constantly working on themselves, developing, and getting acquainted with the best content from the online world that our experts have chosen for you. They will also receive bonuses worth more than ‚ā¨1,300 (recommended videos, ebooks, webinars on various topics, audiobooks, and other materials) for further development and improvement, all at a great price. In addition, with a money-back guarantee if the study would not be suitable for any reason and the possibility to¬†try the study for free! We are the right choice for this type of student.

What degree does a student receive after graduation?

EDU Effective Business School US and EDU Effective EU have prepared joint programs bringing together American academic programs (EDU Effective Business School US) and European professional degree programs (EDU Effective EU) and successful graduates will thus obtain joint degrees (MBA, MSc., MPA &  DBA).

LL.M. study program is provided as a professional training program directly through EDU Effective EU and successful graduates will thus receive the LL.M. degree from EDU Effective EU.

Graduates of MBA, MPA, MSc., and DBA programs receive their internationally known degree from both the US EDU Effective Business School, which is established under the law of the State of Hawaii, USA (see below), and the professional degree from EDU Effective, Czech Republic, European Union, a globally unique combination of university and vocational education and thus brings students a dual degree – two completed programs within one study.

  • Description of the legal framework of providers of educational programs:

EDU Effective Business School, United States

EDU Effective Business School, US is a private university established and acting in accordance with the law codified in chapter 446E of the Hawaii revised statutes. They provide MBA, MPA, MSc., and DBA programs.

EDU Effective Business School US is internationally certificated by the International education society London (IES) and International certification Institute (ICI).

Because of the differences between the US, the European, and other education systems, and in accordance with the Hawaiian law, this information is important, especially for the US students: EDU EFFECTIVE BUSINESS SCHOOL US IS NOT ACCREDITED BY AN ACCREDITING AGENCY RECOGNIZED BY THE UNITED STATES SECRETARY OF EDUCATION.

(Note:¬†In the United States, many licensing authorities require accredited degrees as the basis for eligibility for licensing.¬† In some cases, accredited colleges may not accept transfer courses and degrees completed at unaccredited colleges, and some employers may require an accredited degree as a basis for eligibility for employment.)

Since our mission is to bring effectiveness and keep our study programs affordable for everyone while maximizing benefits for working adult students, we are not looking to obtain US federal accreditation, at the moment. Because US students do not need to draw on US federal funds for college tuition because our tuition is at the lowest possible level to keep students out of debt for many years to come.

EDU Effective Business School US recommendation: If your goal is to obtain a recognized title in your country, we cannot guarantee that and we recommend that you get informed by your local department of education before applying.

EDU Effective, Czech Republic, European Union

EDU Effective EU is a professional non-profit education institution and acting in accordance with the law codified in the Czech Republic, EU laws and is providing vocational training programs MBA, LL.M., MPA, MSc., and DBA.

EDU Effective EU is certificated by the International education society London (IES) and the International certification institute (ICI).

We refer to the fact that in the Czech Republic, EU, our degree is considered a professional degree. EDU Effective EU is for students who study for their personal development, to improve their knowledge, and to be part of a global networking community.

We are proud to have created a global joint program to earn internationally renowned MBA, MPA, MSc., and DBA degrees.

(Note: Due to the different conditions in the USA and the Czech Republic, the European Union adds that students of the Master of Laws (LL.M.) program will obtain a valid internationally known professional degree from EDU Effective, Czech Republic, European Union.).

This study is designed to help students from around the world keep up with the rapidly changing conditions and demands of the labor market and develop in areas that are important or interesting for their further professional and personal growth. EDU Effective will continue to strive for further international accreditations and certifications, further increasing and confirming the quality and benefits of the programs provided for its students and graduates while maintaining all the benefits and value of the study.

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  1. Lukas says:

    Hello, you wrote in this blog that another application for international accreditation is currently being prepared. I¬īm interested in study with you and I would like know what international accreditation is being prepared, from what organisation and in what time you presuppose the final verdict. It is important to me for question, if should be wainting with my study or if I start my study immediately. Here is also another question. If I start my studies now and new accreditation process will finish i. e. about few months, will it touch in positive way of my present studies? Thank you for answer.

    • Kate, EDU Effective Team says:

      Hi Lukas!
      Many thanks for your comment and for your interest.
      Unfortunately, we cannot name the accreditation association, as this would be contrary to their rules. We will state the name as soon as the accreditation process is completed. We assume that it will be completed by the end of the year.

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