Support Charity With EDU Effective

Do you like helping others and the idea of supporting charities?

You are not definitely alone. The idea that you’ve sacrificed money to help others in need or create positive change in the world is a beautiful thing.

That is why EDU Effective, as a non-profit organization, also supports charity. Our goal is to help as many charitable projects as possible, so we’ve decided to use money to create a program that helps.

How Your Study Helps

• For every single student who manages to complete any of our study programs within 12 months, EDU Effective donates up to €179 (5% from paid tuition) to charity.

• All graduates can select a charity from our list or propose their idea of how to help to support global and even local charitable projects.

• We send the donation to a charity or non-profit organization directly and graduates will receive a confirmation and appreciation letter for sending the gift.

Upon earlier completion of the study (within ten months), all students receive a bonus from us, a refund of 5% of the total price they paid for the study, for better motivation and a partial form of scholarship. This amount can be donated to charity, of course, too.

If you are interested, you can look at the EDU Effective Charity list and find out who we cooperate with for a long time.

EDU Effective as a Charity Partner

Our projects and collaborations have taken us around the world and we are proud to be able to contribute and participate in many inspiring charities. In June 2021, we became partners of a Czech charity story and thanks to you, we’ve donated over €1000 to someone in need. Together we’ve helped to cover his expensive treatments.

While sometimes there are questions about where the money goes in the public sector, the fact is, everyone in it is trying to do something bigger than what one of us could do alone. But the fact is that when you donate to charity you are doing something good for the world.


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