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Writing a note

A well-designed action plan can make it easier for you to¬†track and realize your goals. Whether you have a career, business, or personal purpose, you can use an action plan to create a clear¬†path to success. The level of detail in your action plan can vary based on your resources and the complexity of your project or goal.

Writing personal action plans at EDU Effective is essential to successfully studying and maximizing the knowledge and experience gained in practice.

Based on feedback from students and improved functionality, we have decided to adjust the action plan form!

Newly, the¬†quantity¬†of the action plan is¬†significantly reduced¬†during the module. However, we have added short essays where you must fill in several characters within a specific range, meaningful and relevant text.

The action plan is a mandatory study part and must be developed. Each student prepares one for themselves.

The action plan is created during the study directly in the student system (in the original form of surveys Рuntil everything is replaced) in the Action plan section. It is part of all modules within each specialization.

For efficiency, it is best to download the Action Plan in PDF format after completing it.

The Action Plan needs to record the most important and exciting information you learn. Furthermore, it would help if you had plans, goals, ideas, notes, and study progress.

At the end¬†of the action plan,¬†reflect¬†on the full¬†benefits of the study. Do you already use¬†information¬†and¬†techniques in practice? If not, how do you plan/can you use them in practice/life? Did you manage to¬†achieve the goals¬†you set during your studies? Have you had the¬†opportunity¬†to¬†apply¬†the learned information in your¬†professional life? What was your overall¬†experience?

In the last part of the Action Plan, we ask students to think about and reflect on their studies and each module. Action plan replaces seminar, dissertation, or final work.

Choose how managing a plan will suit you best, and start creating your action plan!



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