Joseph James LeVesque Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund was named after the late distinguished EDU Effective Business School board member, lifelong optimist, great person, lecturer and education expert Dr. Joseph (Joe) LeVesque, who passed away after a short illness on Friday, January 28th, 2022. Please find more information about Joe below.

Who is the right candidate to apply for the Joseph James LeVesque scholarship?

Joseph James LeVesque Scholarship is a one-time scholarship, that you are eligible to apply for if:

  • Your current financial situation doesn’t allow you to pay for your studies at EDU Effective Business School, but you have a strong motivation to work hard on your professional development and your goal is to obtain a professional degree.

Terms and conditions of the Joseph James LeVesque Scholarship:

  1. Depending on the funds donated by our graduates, alumni and sponsors, a minimum of 10 scholarships will be granted every year.
  2. Those who are eligible to apply for the scholarship may do so within 60 days from the scholarship application release date posted on our website
  3. Once the application period closes, we will create a list of applicants that will be accessible to all contributors (our sponsors, alumni, graduates, partners) and Board of Trustees.
  4. All contributors to the scholarship fund will then have 2 weeks to vote for the most eligible applicants until the available funds run out.
  5. Once the voting period closes and the available funds are depleted, EDU Effective will assess the results.
  6. The results will be shared with all the applicants within 2 weeks after the decision is made. Those who were granted the scholarship must claim it and enroll in one of our programs within the next 60 days.
  7. If a selected prospective student doesn’t claim their scholarship and fails to enroll within those 60 days, the funds will be transferred to the next scholarship period to be used by other applicants.
  8. EDU Effective will post updated information about the amount of funds available, granted and unclaimed, as well as the dates of the next available application period, etc. on our website.
  9. The Board of Trustees and all contributors will be informed about the progress and results of our scholarship students.
  10. Scholarship can be claimed only before enrolling at EDU Effective.
  11. Scholarship applicants must provide true and full information. If they fail to do so, the scholarship will be taken away from the applicant and given to another prospective student.
  12. It’s mandatory that every student who is granted the scholarship informs EDU Effective about issues that might affect their studies in any way. To do so, send an email with an explanation of the issue to

The closest date for the announcement of the scholarship is expected in May-June 2023. Check our website for more information.

More about Dr. Joseph James Levesque:


D.B.A. / Management – University of Sarasota, Florida, 2000
M.B.A. / Industrial Management – University of Dallas, Texas, 1986
B.A. / Management – Our Lady of the Lake, San Antonio, Texas, 1980

Professional profile:

  • Senior management professional, entrepreneur and college instructor with over twenty-five years of diversified experience in operations management, organizational development, sales, and marketing.
  • Extensive experience in new business start-up, development and management, including feasibility studies, business proposal development, capitalization, staffing, and organizational design.
  • Strong sales/marketing management background, including senior-level leadership for a major amusement park generating over $8 million in annual revenue. Developed and led a team of 8 sales representatives and support staff.  Managed a $3 million operational budget.
  • Skilled in developing and implementing multi-faceted marketing programs comprising television/radio and print advertising, direct mail, incentive programs, national/regional trade shows, and strategic business alliances. 
  • Solid personal record of top sales productivity in highly competitive markets with a Fortune 100 company.

Experience highlights:

2020 – 2022 – Board of Trustees member, EDU Effective Business School
2002 – 2022 – Various Universities Online (George Washington University, LIGS University, Independence University)
1980 to 2022 – Owner of LeVesque Productions
1990 to 2002 – Professor, Northwood University
1987 to 1990 –Special Agent, Northwestern Mutual Life
1986 to 1987 –Regional Manager, SeaWorld of Texas
1983 to 1986 – Director of Marketing at Wax Museum
1982 to 1983 –Sales Manager, Wet ‘n Wild
1980 to 1981 –Sales Representative, Xerox Corporation
1973 to 1980 –Sales Representative, Six Flags Over Texas
1969 to 1972 –Specialist 5th Class, United States Army  (Vietnam Veteran)

Awards & Honors:

1980 Rookie of the Year – Xerox Corporation
1993 Sam Walton Fellows Award / Students in Free Enterprise – Northwood University
1994 Student’s Favorite Faculty – Northwood University
1995 Outstanding Influencer Award – Northwood University
2000 -2010 Guest Speaker – Four Academic Conferences Annually
2005 Visiting Scholar – Hanoi, Vietnam, Tourism College
2010 Visiting Scholar – Universidad EAN, Bogota, Colombia

  1. Please consider me for Scholarship as well, its hard to raise that amount in Malawi. I really wish to learn, but am challenged financially.

  2. Abera says:

    i would wish the Admin to consider me for the scholarship as it is not easy to pay Euro 579 which in Ethiopia hundred thousands birr.

  3. i would wish the Admin to consider me for the scholarship as it is not easy to pay Euro 579 which in Ugandan Shs2,300,000.

    • EDU Effective says:

      Thank you for your comment. Please keep an eye on our website for announcements of applications. We expect this to happen in late May or early June. EDU Effective

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