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Take a look at the classes and dive right in to see what EDU Effective learning videos look like, and to decide if it’s for you.


(15 MINS)


MBA Project Management

  • Watch a short sample video from our MBA Project Management class. This specialization will teach you the most important principles necessary for managers, businessmen or those who want to start their career in this field.

Successive Approximation Model (SAM)

5 min

Every project requires agility and flexibility by the project team. SAM provides the options, strategies, and tools for these teams to be successful.

MBA Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership

  • Watch a short sample video from our MBA Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership class. This specialization includes coaching, mentoring & leadership styles and skills. Personal development for coaches, mentors and managers.

Leadership Tutorial

3 min

Learn how to establish your own leadership brand that builds on strengths in organizational acumen, brainstorming, giving feedback, and more.

MBA Executive Management

  • Watch a short sample video from our MBA Executive Management class. This specialization focuses on effective management which is the key requirement for all managers of successful companies, NGOs, or start-ups.

Management Tutorial

4 min

Learn how to help your employees feel a sense of purpose at work through positive relationships, recognition, and showing them the bigger picture.