All Spots in Our Doctoral Programs Are Filled Up

Ever since we founded EDU Effective Business School our mission was to bring education opportunities to as many people as possible. We strive to maximize all benefits for working professionals, who want to work on themselves, improve but who also value their time. This resulted in the expansion of specializations of our Masters’ and Doctoral programs. All of them are based on the revolutionary idea of microlearning. Now, we have decided to stop applications for Doctoral programs. But why?

You, our students, have truly surprised us with your demand for Doctoral programs. We have quickly filled many spots in all our offered Doctoral programs from DBA, Ed.D, DBA, LL.D. to Ph.D. There are many of you, our students, who will be studying and defending your dissertations in the near future. That is amazing and it shows that we chose the right direction with the offer of Doctoral programs. We are looking forward to finally going through your dissertations!

We at EDU Effective will keep working on our mission and at the same time, our primary focus is currently on preparing new Masters’ specializations, updating and improving current ones. Stay tuned throughout the year and follow us for upcoming programs.

Therefore, we have decided to stop admitting new applications for Doctoral programs as all the current seats are filled. We might be opening admissions in the near future for new students so we will be surely announcing that. Nothing changes for those, who are currently enrolled and studying our Doctoral programs.

But wait, there is more. We are also thrilled to announce the launch of our EDU Certified courses. These will allow you to broaden your skills and knowledge in particular areas which you are currently dealing with in your career or your business. Our courses will be around 1 month long and you will obtain an accredited certificate of completion. Of course, we will use microlearning to teach these courses. So be ready to use this opportunity to improve your skills, credibility and obtain a certificate!


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