What Are the Admission Requirements at EDU Effective?

Whether you want to improve your personal development or advance your career, EDU Effective programs can help you achieve these goals.

As a non-profit educational institution we want to offer the programs to the widest range of people, our mission is to help and bring effectiveness, success, innovation, experience, knowledge, and information to students from all over the world at a fair price. Read the conditions for admission and start your studies today 100% online.

So, what are the minimum requirements you need to meet to apply?

Conditions Of Admission: MBA/LL.M. Program

Passive/Basic-level English language knowledge and completed secondary school education are essential conditions for admission and opportunities to start an MBA or LL.M. program. In some cases, it is also possible to replace graduation with a documented few years of experience in the field, as we aim to help as many working students as possible from all over the world.

Do We Require a Certain Professional Level? Are There any Other Admission Requirements?

EDU Effective was intentionally designed to assist both students in the early stages of their careers and professionals with several years of experience in the field. So, the only requirement is the desire to work and educate yourself.

Conditions Of Admission: DBA Program

DBA is a postgraduate education course representing the highest level of managerial education and therefore the qualifications are stricter.
The DBA program is intended for all those who have achieved university education. It is also suitable for graduates of the MBA program. To study, an integral part of which is the processing of a dissertation, knowledge of the English language is a matter of course. If you would prefer to write and defend your dissertation in another language, please contact us.

Admissions Process

• During your studies, you will use a student account TalentLMS and an account in the LinkedIn Learning video library

• The student account is created within one, or a maximum of two working days (after tuition is credited)

• You will receive login details to your email address

• After logging in, you need to upload your ID and highest educational attainment to the system

• In the student account, you create your profile and upload a profile photo

• For DBA studies, a CV and diploma with a transcript are also needed for proof

Our ongoing enrollment process means that you can apply for any program all year round. Students can apply to complete any of our LL.M., DBA, or MBA degree programs, or even just to join us for a study of individual modules.

If you’re worried about your English language level, just read this article or try our free trial.



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