We have helped over 2000 students from 72 countries!

EDU Effective has gained tremendous popularity among students during its operation and has exceeded the number of 2,000 students worldwide.

As the Chair of the Board of Trustees and Founder, Dr. Pavel Makovský says: “We respect the huge interest of students in our programs and especially the fact that busy adult students devote their time to their development and improvement.”

Students appreciate our MBA, LL.M., MPA, and MSc. programs mainly because of the microlearning form of studying, i.e., 15-minute daily blocks that they study whenever they want. They also appreciate the connection of theory with immediate use of acquired knowledge and skills in their practice, extension materials (recommended videos, eBooks, audiobooks, and other materials enhancing the benefits of the studio), fantastic price (with the possibility of installments), and the opportunity to of trial studies to decide its benefits for themselves. They also positively evaluate the money-back guarantee.

Students also appreciate the opportunity to participate in webinars from various fields, which we organize in cooperation with the academic partner LIGS University  Last, but not least, our students like the opportunity to communicate with each other and stay in touch within the EDU Effective student system or a closed networking LinkedIn group.

In addition to all the mentioned benefits for their development and career, there as another layer of benefits to their studies. By studying, our students helps those in need. Successful graduates choose where EDU Effective sends a part of the tuition and thus helps charity activities together.

“Last year alone and part of this year, thanks to our graduates, we could send over 13,000 euros (320,000 CZK) to charity, which is great,” adds Makovský.

  • Our students are from 72 countries and come from all types and sizes of companies (large companies such as banks, technology companies, automakers, etc., and medium and small companies), government, entrepreneurs, lawyers, teachers, real estate agents, and other professions.
  • The average age of EDU students is 35 years and eight months. The youngest student is 20 years and two months old, and the oldest is 62 and a half years old.
  • Our students hold top and middle management positions or are preparing for managerial positions.

Students completing the MBA, LL.M., MPA, or MSc. program won’t only acquire current knowledge and skills that can apply immediately in their practice. They develop a Personal Action Plan for themselves (how they will use the obtained knowledge specifically for themselves and their working life), help with charitable activities, and in the case, complete MBA, MPA, or MSc. programs. They will also receive a joint internationally recognized diploma issued by EDU Effective Business School from the USA and EDU Effective Czech Republic, EU, making EDU Effective a unique combination of American and European education.

Dr. Makovský concludes: “The plan for this year is to enable this highly effective form of adult education for at least 5,000 other students worldwide.”

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of studying at EDU Effective Business School for your development and career?

There is nothing easier than making an informative call according to your time possibilities or reaching us at: skillup@edueffective.online !


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