We have donated over €13.000 to the charity with your help

We are happy that our EDU Effective idea works and helps our students gain new knowledge and self-improvement. At the same time, we are delighted to see the outcomes of our help. It is our responsibility to offer education but at the same time behave responsibly and help where it matters.

We donate 5% of paid tuition to charities for every successfully graduated student. We have reached a milestone in our brief history and donated over €13.000 (320.000,- CZK)! We are incredibly proud. Such accomplishment would not be possible without our students and graduates.

While we have donated around €6300 (155.000,- CZK) in 2021, thanks to more enrolled students that started their studies at the end of the last year, we have donated more than €6700 (165.00,- CZK) in only four months of the current year.

Graduates of our MBA, LL.M., MPA, MSc. programs have chosen the following charities for the donations in their names:

  • Save the Children
  • Pomoc Ukrajině (Help Ukraine)
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Orphanages (FOD Klokánek etc.)
  • Sports equipment for children from socially disadvantaged families
  • Animal shelters
  • Church charities and organizations
  • Civil Society Development Foundation
  • Good Angel
  • ADRA Foundation
  • Projects from Podporit.cz
  • People in need (Člověk v tísni)
  • Foundations focused on help among seniors
  • Children hospitals
  • Other foundations and charity organizations

Thanks to the rapidly increasing number of students in our programs, we have exceeded another milestone of having 2000 students. As a result, we expect to donate more than €62.500 to charities this year. The number of students still rises so that the total sum might be even more significant, which brings us joy.

Do you like our mission and approach to offering value, quality, and affordable micro-learning programs that support a charity?

Then there is nothing easier than enrolling and working on yourselves while learning new habits and gaining knowledge. After you successfully graduate, we will be again happy to donate 5% of paid tuition to the charity of your choice.

The study, improve and help together – that is the mission and goal of EDU Effective.


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