Transform Your Career With the New Course – “Effective MBA – Design Thinking and Strategy”

Professional development is an investment into your future that will help you advance your career. Every minute and every dollar spent on continuing education must have real meaning and a competitive advantage for working adult learners. The “Effective MBA – Design Thinking and Strategy” comes in here.

Why choose to study Effective MBA – Design Thinking and Strategy?

In a rapidly evolving business ecosystem, staying ahead requires understanding current trends and anticipating future changes. This program goes beyond traditional teaching and combines the empathetic and human-centered approach of design thinking with the foresight and execution of strategy that are critical to modern businesses. If you want to gain unparalleled competence and business acumen, an Effective MBA – Design Thinking and Strategy is the right course for you!

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The Human-Centered Approach

Design thinking is more than just a buzzword; it’s the new North Star for businesses. It’s about redesigning processes, strategies, and systems that resonate with end users. This course illuminates design thinking principles and focuses on solutions that create real value.

Strategic Execution

Strategy is the grand plan – the bridge between ambition and reality. Dive into creating strategies that stand the test of time, leveraging business analytics, mastering digital transformation, and even understanding the often overlooked complexities of cybersecurity.

Learn from leaders who have worked for Google, Paramount Pictures, McDonald’s, Nike, Amazon, LinkedIn, eBay, Magento, Fortune 100 clients and more. These are not just successful companies but often revolutionary companies. And it’s because of these experts and industry leaders that insights are not just theoretical but practical and proven.

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What topics does this program cover?

The complex structure of this program, consisting of 10 modules, provides a 360-degree grasp:

  • Business idea and market positioning – how do your mission and vision fit into your business plan? How do you determine the size of the market or position of your product? Dive into the initial steps of a business.
  • Branding and design thinking – move from theory to practice with prototyping and understanding the role of data intelligence in design.
  • Design strategy – from setting business goals to understanding marketing personalization and sustainability strategies, hone your strategic decision-making skills.
  • Master remote working – gain experience leading virtual teams and optimizing remote work productivity.
  • Digital transformation – learn about the pillars of modern business such as RPA, artificial intelligence, and more. Read more about how artificial intelligence can be utilized in your business!
  • Cybersecurity – equip yourself with the essentials to protect and navigate the cyber world.

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Future-ready competencies

Upon completion of the course, employed adult learners will be proficient in:

  • Strategic business decision-making – validating business ideas, setting specific business goals, understanding business analytics, and creating compelling value propositions.
  • Holistic brand management – from creation to redesign, ensuring your brand resonates with your target audience.
  • Human-centered design – experience with prototyping and design solutions based on data analytics.
  • Digital expertise – whether it’s leading digital transformation efforts or protecting against cyber threats, become the digital leader your organization needs.
  • Leadership in remote environments – ensure efficiency and productivity regardless of physical location.

…and much more.


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Busy adult learners, this is your launch pad. With the “Effective MBA – Design Thinking and Strategy” course, you’ll not only stay ahead of the curve, you’ll design it. Don’t just orient yourself in the future; shape it. Join five and a half students from one hundred nine countries and unravel the DNA of successful businesses, one module at a time. Take your career to unprecedented heights. Apply today and change your future!


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