Revolutionizing marketing: tap into the power of AI prompting

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is omnipresent in today’s world. It has become a significant player in the job market. In a previous article, we discussed utilizing AI tools across various professions. Let’s explore how to direct AI tools to produce the best possible outcomes. Yes, you guessed it right; we’ll talk about prompting or providing instructions to AI.

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What is a prompt? – I heard about it for the first time.

In today’s era, as artificial intelligence (AI) permeates various aspects of our lives, prompting has become an increasingly sought-after skill. What does the term “prompt” exactly mean in the context of AI? Simply put, it is a textual instruction given to an AI system that generates the desired output. It can be a question, an instruction, or any other directive.

Using AI in Marketing

In today’s digital age, marketers face pressure to generate original ideas. With the increasing volume of data and competition, marketers grapple with reaching their target audience and effectively creating relevant content. This is where artificial intelligence comes into play.

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AI can assist with effective brainstorming, generating new ideas (although first not perfect) that a creative marketing team can then take forward and create outputs that leave a lasting impact on clients (in a positive sense, of course). AI can be used for content creation, data analysis, or personalizing the customer experience.

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Do you want to become an expert in AI prompting in marketing? Keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Stay updated on AI developments – new models offer better and better utilization options. You can follow current trends by subscribing to newsletters such as AI Tool Report or Prompt Daily, which will provide you with AI news in your email inbox a few times a week. The bonus is that you get free prompts for immediate use. Just copy & paste.
  2. Experiment with AI tools – at EDU Effective, we swear by Chat GPT, Jasper, DALLE,, or Midjourney
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  4. Monitor outputs – AI can generate several outputs within seconds. Don’t take the first version as the final result; refine and modify the prompt and provide feedback for AI. The third or fourth output will be better than the original. Analyze the outcomes and learn from them.
  5. Practice makes perfect – yes, this applies doubly to artificial intelligence tools. The best way to gain experience is through practice. Create new prompts, try them out, and observe the results. You can apply the trial-and-error method here.

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Examples of Effective vs. (In)effective Prompting

We introduced what a prompt is at the beginning of the blog; now, let’s look into practice and examine specific examples with instructions for AI, from basic to more sophisticated ones.

Let’s take a look at an example of ineffective prompting in marketing.

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Imagine that you want to create a content calendar for social media for a women’s cosmetics brand. Your prompt is: “Hello, please create a  for social media, including copy for the month of [January] for the cosmetics brand [DOVE].

What’s wrong with it? It’s generic and lacks product specifications, a target audience, or even a tone of voice. Additionally, we have yet to mention which platforms are in question. The result is an impersonal text that must often make more sense and impress or engage your target audience.

The Magic of Effective Prompting

Let’s look at specific steps you can take to refine the original instruction.

  1. Be specific – provide as many details as possible about the output you expect from AI. Specify the target audience, output format, key points, etc.
  2. Adapt to the AI model – different models require different prompt formulations. Try various approaches and observe the response.
  3. Check the quality of the output – ensure that it meets your requirements. Sometimes, it is necessary to adjust the prompt to achieve the desired AI output.

Let’s enhance the original prompt a bit and see what it does.

Hello, I need you to behave like a marketing expert focusing on strategies and content. Please create a  for [Instagram, Facebook] channels, including copy for the month of [January] for the cosmetics brand [DOVE]. Use a [friendly] tone of voice. Include relevant [hashtags and emojis]. The text should be at least [600 characters] long, using short sentences and clauses. The target audience is [women aged 20 – 50 interested in self-care, skincare, and body care]. Think creatively and outside of the box. Create the content calendar in a [table] with columns [post date, post theme, post text, hashtags]. I post on Facebook [3 times a week] and Instagram [5 times a week]. Generate at least [4 text variations] for each post.

As you can see, it’s still not quite there; something is missing. However, there are tricks you can use for prompting. Some of them are mentioned on the AI Avalanche Instagram profile.

Prompt (1) = “In a moment, I will ask you to write/prepare text for my business. This includes sales emails, blog content, and Instagram posts. Before we begin, I want you to fully understand the product I sell, my business, and my customers. Ask me at least 20 questions about my business, customers, audience, and anything else you need to fulfill the task as best as you can.

Prompt (2) = “I want to start a side hustle using Chat GPT. I want to leverage your technology, but I’m unsure where to start. Ask me as many questions as possible to help me out.

The last part of the prompt is the most important. You ensure a top-notch final output by asking Chat GPT to generate questions about your business or the product you sell. Just answer the generated questions, and Chat GPT will produce your desired content. You can either further refine it or simply copy and paste it.

TIP! Where to find effective prompts? We won’t keep repeating the prompts you can find online. But we will share a few sources from which you can draw inspiration and perfect your prompts.

  1. Hubspot has compiled a library of 190 prompts spanning sales, marketing, content, and analytics, and we could go on endlessly. Check it out!
  2. Free prompts are part of the AI tool Copy AI. Upon registration, you gain access to prompts that you can utilize in Chat GPT.
  3. Notion contains a hundred templates with AI prompts. Some are free, others paid. Just take your pick.
  4. Great tips are also trending on Instagram. We recommend following profiles like  AI Avalanche and Miss Caroline Flett

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