Ray Prosek: Self-Education Is The Key To Your Success

The Top real estate professional in Hawaii – Ray Prosek has earned multiple Top Sales Hawaii Awards as well as International and USA Top Production Real Estate Awards, in addition to receiving the Lifetime Achievement RE/MAX Award & International Hall of Fame RE/MAX Award. Yet that’s not his greatest accomplishment, in his eyes. “My greatest achievement is my happy, healthy, loving family and the fact that we have no job, so to speak. We live and love real estate. It is our lifestyle and everything in our lives is incorporated around it and in it!” Ray is also incredibly dedicated to giving back to the community that has enabled him to create the very successful business and lifestyle he loves in one of the most beautiful places in the world. People have described Ray as a hard working & very knowledgeable Real Estate Sales and Property Management Expert with spectacular level of work ethics.

Ray is also very involved in supporting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals – including the local Kapiolani hospital, through contributing money from closed transaction, and also as the Master Instructor (Sensei & Shihan) volunteers and teaches Kodokan Judo in Japanese Tokai University in Kapolei and other Japanese Martial Arts like Ninpo Budo Taijutsu in Ewa Beach and Honolulu.

In this short video, we’ve talked to Ray about how important is Self-education and how to keep improving every day. We’ve discussed the key factors to become a top leader these days and what are those decisive aspects between the average and the best professionals. We also asked him what was the reason for him to join EDU Effective and why he’s become one of the members of our Board of Trustees. Find out more in the video below.

The aim of EDU Effective is to maximize benefits for adult learners, who value their time and want to work on themselves, develop and improve their skills. Which is even more challenging in today’s world. Our effective online education for working adults will help you, with an appealing micro-learning method (study 15 minutes a day), to complete the entire MBA (Master of Business Administration), LL.M. (Master of Laws) or DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) in just 10 months or even less.

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