Ph.D. or DBA: What Is a Better Choice?

Wondering what is the difference between the DBA and Ph.D. degree programs? What are the curiosities of the two programs and for whom are these programs mainly intended? We’ve prepared an article for you, in which you’ll learn important information about individual programs.

The doctoral program Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) represents the highest level of education, which in its essence follows and develops the program MSc. (Master of Science). The Ph.D. program is designed for those interested in theoretical and scientific activities in various fields and differs from the DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) program in its character. The Ph.D. is mainly research and scientific and promotes knowledge, while the primary goal of the Doctor of Business Administration professional practice.

DBA Program

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program is the highest form of management education and usually follows the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, which develops more in-depth. The main goal of the DBA program is its focus on practice, on the development of a specific company, in an area or problem solved by a manager. The Doctor of Business Administration is a management program whose goal is a practical contribution to a specific problem and a specific problem.

Thanks to its focus, the DBA program is designed for experienced managers with several years of management experience who want to complete the highest level of management education and want to address specific situations within it. Graduates of the program have the opportunity to develop their potential, use their previous experience and prepare for solving complex challenges. To complete the program, a quality elaboration of the dissertation is necessary, which should provide insight into a specific area with a specific proposal of the solution procedure and with an immediate benefit for managerial practice.

Ph.D. Program

We briefly described the Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) program at the beginning of the article. We’ll now introduce the program in a little more detail. The student and graduate of the Ph.D. program want to engage in theoretical and scientific activities in various fields, want to know and research, determine, verify or refute established hypotheses using scientific research methods and thus enrich scientific research in the chosen field.

The student of the Ph.D. program solves the theoretical-scientific and research methods of the whole given expertise or area, which he chooses and tries to bring new information and knowledge, carry out new research and define and after that refute or confirm hypotheses concerning a wider area. With this approach, the Ph.D. program differs significantly from the DBA program.


If you are still hesitant and don’t know which program to choose, answer the question of what your main goal is. The DBA program is based on the contribution to the professional management practice of the student. In the case of the Ph.D. program, it is mainly a deep knowledge of a specific issue or area and the preparation and subsequent implementation of scientific research, which is important for the development of the chosen sector.

DBA students solve especially practical problems directly at their workplace. The Ph.D. program focuses more on research within the scientific community. For the DBA program, the evaluation criteria are reliability, success and learning from the project, compliance with intellectual and ethical standards. In the case of the Ph.D. program, the evaluation criteria are reliability, new knowledge, and information, compliance with professional standards within the scientific community.


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