Online MBA? Discover the Magic of Studying from Your Living Room. Only 15 Mins a Day.

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In the new era, the learning style is changing, and people who have reached the point in their lives or careers where they see the meaning of personal shift in further education are getting a taste for it. They do not have time to sit in school classrooms and therefore welcome the possibility of flexible online teaching. The most popular MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree, offering education in many specializations, such as startups and entrepreneurship, marketing, coaching, and leadership or human resources up to the most popular one, executive management.

If you can build a regular habit, where you spend a few tens of minutes of one activity every day, then you can proudly use your new title in just 10 months. And without meeting your teachers, mentors and coaches face to face.

“Our MBA students spend only 15 minutes a day studying video lessons, which is the optimal time to absorb the information they need. In addition, most of them are satisfied with the opportunity to study at any hour or day, because all teaching takes place only online, “says Pavel Makovsky, Chairman of the Board of EDU Effective, a non-profit educational institution that offers online educational studies in the Czech Republic and around the world. MBA and LL.M. in the form of microlearning, in 15 min blocks. Teaching lessons are only in English with the possibility of their translation by online translators, however, students can complete written outputs in their native language.

During the year of operation with a Czech educational startup EDU Effective, almost 900 students from over 45 countries have studied or are still studying, foreign ones make up a fifth of them and their share is growing significantly every day. For usually ten months of MBA and LL.M. (Master of Laws) will student pay about 500 EUR, doctoral professional studies completed with the title of DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) will cost you 2,295 EUR with the possibility of regular payments throughout the study.

“The interest is enormous. We have 190 new students only for August “says Makovsky. According to him, the success is mainly due to the high-quality content of instructional videos, which differentiates them from the competition. “We choose the best for our students from a huge amount of content. No other school would bring together speakers from Harvard Business School, the University of Cambridge, or giants such as Uber, Tesla, Airbnb, IBM, Microsoft, or Amazon. Our students thus draw information from the best thanks to our licensing partnership with LinkedIn Learning, SelfLearning, Bookboon, and others. ”

With EDU Effective, they plan to expand into the US market in the last quarter of this year and outperform the competition in terms of winning an American university degree as well as a European professional at the same time. In terms of numbers, they believe that within a year, the number of students will exceed 5,000.

They are also doing well economically, they will playfully surpass this year’s planned turnover of 600,000 EUR. The outlook for the coming years is ambitious due to drastic growth, but difficult to predict. The capacity of online teaching is unlimited, interest is constantly growing and the conditions for admission to study are amiable – just completed secondary education with a high school diploma.

EDU Effective has a perfectly designed motivational program, if you finish your studies within 10 (MBA & LL.M.) or 12 (DBA) months, you are entitled to get 5% of the paid tuition back, another 5% will go to charity, get if the student holds a degree in one calendar year.

If a completed education confirmed by obtaining a professional MBA diploma and international IES and ICI certificates, a better opportunity to enter the labor market, or the benefit of being able to personally choose the charity you want to support as a graduate may not be enough for you, you may also enjoy networking with other students and graduates or the planned introduction of graduations, where you would celebrate your studies together with all your classmates. Of course, online.


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