Make the Most of Your Alumni Network

Alumni networks can often be highly beneficial! A term used to refer to the close bond between those that attend or attended the same business school or MBA program, alumni networks can mean making the right connections to step up the career ladder.

Primarily, this is due to each business school’s emphasis on creating its society, so those MBA alumni who graduated decades earlier remain committed to their younger cohort, often helping them with introductions, mentorships, and recommendations.

Find out how EDU Effective Business School alumni networks can improve an MBA’s career prospects!

Giving back to the business school

Setting graduates on the right path to their ideal job is at the top of the to-do list of many alumni networks.

Many top schools boast an alumni network of thousands of business leaders worldwide who are at the helm of some of the largest corporations ranked in the Forbes 500.

Passing on their secret to success is a culture shared by business school alumni and is a definite benefit that graduates and students should take full advantage of.

Accessing worldwide industry-leading positions

With those contacts to some of the world’s most influential business moguls, active involvement with your business school’s alumni network could open the doors to new and exciting opportunities.

With businesses globalizing, graduates are working in industry leadership positions worldwide: in 87+ countries.

‘Inside’ introductions

Networking through your business school’s alumni services should be prioritized in any MBA job search.

In some instances, it could open up opportunities where graduates are introduced to some of the biggest names in the business.

Regarding job seeking, our alumni network is invaluable in China and Russia.

Mentoring future business leaders of tomorrow

The support of alumni networks extends beyond putting you in contact with the right people. A key focus of a business school’s alumni network is helping develop its graduates’ careers. Many do this through mentorship programs!

Sharing best practices through social media

Technological advances have stimulated a boom in online social networking websites, which have evolved how we network.

Business schools have taken this by storm, with some adapting the ubiquitous social networking website to develop their online alumni social network.

It allows alumni to share their insights with current students on career goals, employer information, interview coaching, networking, regional information, or résumé critiques. At EDU Effective, we have for example a Networking LinkedIn group!

Register for our Alumni membership and starts your journey again!

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