Introducing the Game-Changing Effective MBA in Employeneurship: A Collaboration Between EDU Effective and TMC

We are excited to announce the launch of the Effective MBA in Employeneurship, a novel program developed in collaboration between EDU Effective and TMC.

This program is designed for forward-thinking professionals eager to blend entrepreneurial innovation with employment stability, embodying a new paradigm in business education.

Course Overview:
Format: Entirely online, demanding only 15 minutes daily over 10 months.
Certification: Graduates earn a professional certificate Effective MBA, highlighting their mastery in Employeneurship.
Networking: Connect globally and establish significant business relationships.

Employeneurship: A Unique Approach
Innovative Paradigm: Created by TMC, Employeneurship integrates entrepreneurial dynamism with employment security, emphasizing continuous personal and career development.

Curriculum Highlights:
The curriculum spans modules on employeneurship foundations, innovation, self-leadership, networking, business growth, learning technologies, team dynamics, ethics, agile project management, and advanced communication.

Detailed Curriculum Spanning 10 Modules:
1. Foundations of Employeneurship/Entrepreneurship
2. Innovation and Creative Thinking
3. Self-Leadership and Personal Growth
4. Stakeholder Management and Networking
5. Business Growth and Strategic Business Modeling
6. Adaptive Learning Technologies and Techniques
7. Collaborative Team Dynamics
8. Ethics, Responsibility, and Sustainability
9. Agile Project Management
10. Advanced Business Communication Strategies

Each module is designed to deliver practical, actionable insights and crafted to address specific facets of modern business challenges and opportunities, ensuring a comprehensive educational journey.

Exclusive TMC Offer for Students and Graduates:
The Pontes Group (part of TMC), which has over 100 coaches, will provide personal coaching in effective Employeneurship implementation in 4 individual online sessions (1 hour per session) at a discounted rate.

Core Principles of Employeneurship developed by TMC:
1. Long-term relationships with a focus on personal ambitions.
2. Individual profit sharing, including competitive salaries and bonuses.
3. Specialized groups for engagement and knowledge sharing.
4. Tailored coaching and training.
5. The Entrepreneurial Lab for enhancing technical and entrepreneurial skills.

The “Effective MBA in Employeneurship” course invites professionals to reshape their career narratives and become leaders in the evolving business landscape.

More information about this Effective MBA course and enrollment you can find here.

This course is an invitation to redefine your professional narrative and emerge as a leader in the modern business world.

Join us on this transformative journey and be at the forefront of the future of business.

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