How To Add Value as an Intern?

Most of us will get an opportunity to do an internship at some point. Whether it’s your very first work experience, a mid-career switch to a new industry, or even a foot in the door in your dream organization, internships can be a great way to get ahead in your career.

So, if you are asking yourself how to add value to your company as an intern, here are some tips that can help YOU make the most of your internship and add value to your new employer during the short period you are there.

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Support your colleagues

Coming into a new workplace can be an intimidating and challenging experience for the first couple of days. But once you get settled in and meet with your new colleagues, start asking if you can help anyone. It might be by replying to emails straight away or simply bringing people what they need and being the perfect helping hand when things are busy. Being that supportive person in a team always stands out!

Bring fresh ideas

As an intern, you are expected to be that breath of fresh air that comes into the company with enthusiasm. But don’t lose it after a few weeks! Use being new in the company to your advantage, and don’t be scared to present some of your startup ideas. You can start by talking about new startups and innovation during lunch. Then, see how open your manager is to change things around!


Networking. In business, we hear this magic word all the time. But what does it mean for a fresh-faced intern? Use the opportunity to meet people throughout the company – you would be surprised how open and generous a lot of people are if you approach them in the right way. Have you always been curious about what goes on behind the scenes of brand management? This is your chance to meet someone from the team or drop them an email telling them about your current position in the company and asking if they are free for a quick lunch. Networking is a skill, and practice makes perfect. It will give you new opportunities and experiences and may help your career.

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