How Is EDU Effective Changing Business Education?

Last month, EDU Effective was interviewed on the Czech website about businesses, startups, technologies, and education,

In the article you can learn about the programs, our approach to education and, among other things, which new programs and specializations we are planning for the future!

We are bringing you the translated version of the article below.

Time is running out and it has long been the case that for systematic education beyond compulsory education, you have to go to school and educational buildings, where tutors will teach you several hours a day. This is evidenced, for example, by the managerial MBA study, which is also the key focus of EDU Effective, a Czech non-profit organization where it is possible to study with the help of microlearning.

It is similar to e-learning, with the only difference – the study is short-time. Students do not have to spend hours a day in lectures or seminars, but they can spend a large part of the curriculum online and for a shorter period. This is especially quite suitable for employees or those who are busy during the day and need an effective approach.

EDU focuses on adult working students with prepared online educational programs such as Effective MBA or Effective LL.M., where is the study divided into blocks of 15 minutes. Every day, students should get everything they need in their heads and, if they are interested, find additional information in the offered videos and other materials that the study environment offers.

“Our programs are designed for adult students who can work with their time and are motivated to study. They usually also have a specific need for an MBA or LL.M. they want. Whether they are preparing for a promo-tion at work or just want to develop as a person,“ Pavel Makovsky, chairman of the board of directors, mentioning for

Fifteen Minutes Are Enough

Learning for only fifteen minutes a day may not be enough for an ordinary student, but EDU Effective, according to its words, is based on both research and its testing, which took place in pilot groups of candidates. And according to students, of which there are now over 600 from 35 countries around the world, they believe that it is going in the right direction.

“We offer up-to-date topics with quality lecturers who will bring a lot to students and move them forward. We compare those fifteen minutes, for example, with the time on social networks, where a person spends this time without a problem, but usually, it doesn’t give them anything. We want to show that fifteen minutes a day can be spent more efficiently,“ he said.

It may be interesting for students to have the opportunity to meet people from technology companies who can teach them during short online lectures and seminars, too. Whether it’s managers from Amazon, Microsoft, Uber, or Airbnb or top entrepreneurs from various startups. In terms of specializations, EDU Effective offers, for example, Executive Management, Startups, and Entrepreneurship or Mentoring and Leadership.

Anyway, it is not the only institution that offers distance learning MBA, DBA, or LL.M. There are several similar programs, of which EDU Effective is aware. And to be able to keep up with others, and thus exceed them in the quality of teaching and approach, they focus mainly on the content they teach.

However, it also differs from the competitors in other aspects. It is not only the price, which for the whole study of 10 months is less than €700 ($820), but also access to the general public. In a way, EDU Effective is a bit of a philanthropic organization, devoting five percent of the cost of study to charity and another five percent to scholarship support for students who complete the program within ten months.

“From our many years of experience with adult education, it is clear that a larger percentage of students with the increasing length of study do not complete their studies and terminate their studies prematurely. We want to fight against that. Other funds from the price of the study then go, for example, to program licenses and operating costs.“

Although EDU Effective has already reached the stage where it is self-financing, an important aspect for the operation of the organization are partnerships that support EDU through funding. One of the main academic partners is the American LIGS University, while several others provide better prices for software licenses, etc.

“We want to show that fifteen minutes a day can be spent more efficiently.”

EDU Effective is also preparing to launch new programs and other specializations. After the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program was introduced in April, it’s also preparing the Master of Public Administration (MPA) programs, MSc. (Master of Science), LL.D. (Doc-tor of Laws), Ed.D. (Doctor of Education) and DPA (Doctor of Public Administration). EDU Effective is also preparing to expand its MBA specializations with Business Analytics and Business Intelligence.


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