How Does our MBA & LL.M. Program Work?

Wherever we are, we’d all like to think that our online classes are ‘intellectually active‘ places. A progressive learning environment, highly effective and conducive to student-centred learning, is what EDU Effective believes in. All our online educational programs for adult students are prepared on the basis of micro-learning. This works because it’s:

Bite Sized
Microlearning offers bite-sized information in fifteen-minute daily blocks (you can complete more daily or skip a day)

This targeted, tactile training uses real-world scenarios, not high-concept theories. Leaders can find the specific topics they need to address the relevant business challenges they’re facing.

Leaders need swift, focused training because they make a huge impact on their organizations, yet they are often the most strapped for time. Microlearning gives them just-in-time, at-your-fingertips support.

On Demand
Our form of microlearning allows learners to browse through topics on their phones/tablets and bookmark it to go back later, if needed. This kind of training is always available, whether it’s home, before a meeting or on the go.

How does Student system (platform) and Modules work?

The learning environment is located in LinkedIn Learning and TalentLMS platforms.

Composition Of the Course

MBA/LL.M. courses consist of 10 modules

Each module consists of 30 daily blocks (there is a daily maximum of 3 blocks).

Each block contains mandatory and optional activities.

Mandatory (in each block) consists of:

• Daily tip (Approx. 5 minute video that is embedded on LinkedIn Learning)

• Micro-learning of the day (7-15 minutes in total, several consecutive videos, learning path, embedded on InLearning, their numbers depend on their length, these are always several courses from LinkedIn Learning).

• Congatulations (congratulations on finishing the given block/module + personal certificate)

+ Benchmark quick and simple tests during a block, surveys, tests after each module and also the final one

Optional in each block:

• Practical videotip of the day (Approx. 5 minute video)

• E-book tip for the next 6 blocks (commentary) and E-book tip for another next 6 blocks (e-book from BookBoon inserted into Talent LMS).

Study smart and discover more about the benefits that include studying in our online environment here.


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