April 2024

Educate yourself and get to know the beautiful islands
of Oahu and Kauai with EDU Effective and LIGS University

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Obtain Certificate

Graduates will receive a certificate of the acquired knowledge.

Boost your career

Support your development and

your successful career.

Personal networking

Meet new friends and make valuable contacts.

Testimonials from previous years

I participate last year and to be honest, I didn't know what to expect beforehand. The initial uncertainty disappeared as soon as I arrived, and looking back, I can say that the entire concept far exceeded my expectations, both in terms of the professional and organizational aspects.
I decided to participate mainly to broaden my horizons in my profession. I was pleasantly surprised by the daily educational program, which was complemented by ongoing brainstorming sessions with fellow participants throughout the stay. Exploring the islands was the icing on the cake. Amazing and unforgettable! Thank you for this opportunity.
I love traveling, but my English skills are not at a high level. Therefore, I was worried about whether I could handle presentations and training. It wasn't necessary. The entire program, both educational and exploratory, was designed with consideration for participants without English proficiency. I discovered paradise on Earth, learned many interesting things, and gained new contacts and friends.

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