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Effective MSc.
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Become a successful manager in your chosen field.
Effective MBA
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An MBA alternative that gives you the most up-to-date business knowledge.


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Meet some of our students

"Great idea! Study at your own pace. EDU Effective - Business studies made accessible. The best affordable online MBA currently available."
Jan Vrba, MBAEntrepreneur
"This MBA program is not about theory, but about the practical experience of experts in the field. The study helped me to use current experience and knowledge and apply them to the real environment of business."
Ing. Jan Strašek, MBAEngineer and Sales Manager at Škoda Auto
"I'm really excited. The program is great for people who are very busy. It will help you broaden your view. Don't hesitate, you will be as excited and satisfied as I am."
Leo Dvorak, LL.M.PR Manager

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