Four Marketing Trends That Will Help You Win the Race in a Competitive World

You are certainly no newbie in the marketing world, so we won’t bore you with the classic teachings that proper marketing involves using suitable channels and communication tools, leveraging social media, implementing effective SEO strategies, and creating interesting and relevant content. Take a break from the complex process of transitioning from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 and read our article about four marketing trends that will help you stay on track, even among the unpredictable Generation Z, and capture the attention and loyalty of customers.

1.    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence and its utilization for marketing purposes have made a literal leap in the past few months. AI can be excellently used in marketing for research purposes, further processing into various blogs, assistance with ad copywriting, and even websites and social media posts. However, be cautious! It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that AI can get pretty creative (and not always in the most factual way). So remember to use your common sense and always check your AI texts carefully!

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2.    Inclusion & Diversity

An increasing number of companies are creating inclusive and diverse environments in their corporate culture, emphasizing principles of equality and belonging. Moreover, such an environment brings new perspectives and creative problem-solving, which can lead to increased efficiency.

Customers expect brands and businesses to reflect the diversity of society, including different ethnic, cultural, and gender groups. They often seek out brands that personally resonate with them and which they can identify with. Advertisements and marketing campaigns that target diverse audiences and depict various life stories are attractive to customers and give them a sense of belonging.

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3.    Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the dominant themes running through the minds of many customers when making purchasing decisions. Customers are no longer interested solely in the product itself but also in the impact their buying decisions will have on the environment and society. They want to support brands and businesses that actively engage in environmental protection and reduce their ecological footprint.

Customers also look for products and services that are made from responsibly sourced materials, environmentally friendly, and sustainably produced. They feel better when they purchase from brands that care about the future of our planet. Marketing is a powerful tool in this area, capable of promoting and showcasing the sustainability of your business and thus attracting more potential customers.

4.    Change of Orientation to “First-Party Data”

A growing number of customers are becoming aware of the danger a potential personal data leak on the internet holds and understandably taking steps to protect their data. That is one of the reasons there have been significant changes in the handling and disclosure of personal data recently. Third-party cookie collection, often used as a way to better target customers, is gradually being replaced by first-party data, i.e., information that a company obtains directly from customers. As Martin Waxman, a LinkedIn Learning lecturer and expert in communication strategies and artificial intelligence, points out, nurturing customer relationships is now more important than ever. Waxman also recommends updating company policies regarding data handling. After doing that, be sure to inform your customers of the changes in a simple and transparent way. They’ll appreciate it!

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Together, these trends are shaping a potential future of marketing that is more ethical, inclusive, and adaptable. Marketers who can successfully incorporate these trends into their strategies will have an advantage and can emerge as leading players in a competitive environment. If you have any questions, please let us know via email or give us a call. Also, be sure to check out our frequently asked questions. Stay up to date and follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook.


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