Ethical Dilemmas Unveiled: Inside the Minds of Business Lawyers

The legal environment is constantly evolving, and lawyers are increasingly facing extreme challenges in their profession. With the rise of corporate scandals, the growing influence of technology, and the globalization of business, they frequently encounter ethical dilemmas that must be confronted. The question is how?

TIP: Sever SpriggHR mentions six common ethical problems that employers currently face. Discrimination, harassment, health and safety in the workplace, ethics in accounting, non-disclosure agreements, corporate espionage, and privacy protection are areas that you are likely to encounter in your legal practice.

Uncovering Unethical Behavior: How to Effectively Report and Resolve Issues with Managers

Do you have doubts? It is perfectly acceptable not to passively witness and tolerate unethical behavior. Usually, managers should establish clear steps to follow in such cases. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. Gather information: Collect and discuss all relevant facts with your superior.
  2. Define the team composition: Determine who should be involved in the proceedings (legal representative, IT, or HR manager).
  3. Evaluate the scope of the problem: Assess the extent of the problem and its impact on the individuals involved.
  4. Communicate effectively: Utilize a well-thought-out communication plan, which is part of crisis communication.
  5. Beware of emotions: Resolving ethically charged situations can escalate, leading to heightened emotions. Keep this in mind when assembling the team and remember to remain level-headed.

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Ethics in Business Law

Ethics serve as a moral compass that guides legal practice, particularly in the context of business law. Unethical conduct helps deduce legal, reputational, and financial consequences. As lawyers, you are entrusted with the protection of justice, which requires an understanding of ethical principles and their application in the business environment.

TIP: Did you know that in 2017, 1 in 7 major corporations engaged in unethical behavior? And this number continues to rise. Alexander Wagner explains in his TED Talk how a poor media reputation can lead to significant financial losses.

Navigating Ethical Dilemmas in Business

To better understand business law concerning ethics, let’s consider a specific example. We don’t have to look far into the past—do you remember the Volkswagen emissions scandal? The company manipulated emission data to meet regulatory standards.

The case raises ethical concerns regarding the company’s responsibility toward consumer trust and the environmental impact. Analyzing similar cases helps lawyers recognize the multifaceted nature of ethical dilemmas and the need for proactive ethical decision-making.

Ethical Paradigm

When facing an ethical dilemma, a lawyer relies on ethical systems to make decisions regarding the course of action. These systems include:

  1. Teleological approach: Evaluates the consequences of actions and determines their ethical acceptability based on the outcomes.
  2. Deontological approach: Focuses on adhering to moral rules and duties, regardless of the outcomes.
  3. Virtue ethics: Emphasizes the development of virtues and character traits when selecting ethical options.

By employing these paradigms, lawyers can assess the ethical aspects of a situation and choose an appropriate course of action.

TIP: According to Bob McGannon, ethical problems can be detected through changes in behavior patterns. Pay attention to the surrounding environment. The problem may manifest, for example, when performance needs to be increased. You can learn more about it here.

The Role of Legal Professionals in Promoting Ethical Conduct

Lawyers play a crucial role in shaping ethical behavior in business. By adhering to ethical standards and advocating for ethical practices, attorneys support cultural integrity and responsibility. They influence corporate decision-making, promote compliance with legal and ethical obligations, and establish firm corporate rules. In doing so, they ensure that the company acts ethically and contributes to society.

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When to Seek Legal Consultation?

Some problems can be resolved internally, but situations can easily escalate. Examples include termination of employment in connection with non-disclosure agreements or discrimination by employees against employers, and vice versa.

Companies often seek legal advice for agreement reviews, addressing concerns about dismissals, determining employment status, and handling complaints lodged with government authorities.

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By adhering to ethical standards while representing the interests of clients and organizations, you maintain credibility and professional integrity. Establishing a solid ethical foundation allows you to navigate the ability to make the right decisions and contribute to the development of a fair and ethical business environment.


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