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Effective MSc.


  • Effective MSc. - Management specialization will teach you the most important principles necessary for managers, businessmen or those who would like to start their career in the field.
  • Effective management is the key requirement for a successful company, NGO, start-up or businessman.
  • Part of this specialization's content are tips and information on steering approaches and work styles of successful company leaders, such as AirBnB, Microsoft, Adidas, Nike, Kraft Heinz, Tesla, Alphabet, IBM, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, Uber and others.
  • Effective MSc. in Management opens up a range of lucrative positions across industries.

Management consists of 10 Modules

Effective MSc.

1. Strategic Management

Content includes: Strategic Planning Foundations, Global Strategy, Developing a Competitive Strategy, Digital Strategy, Removing Noise and Bias from Strategic Decision-Making

2. Entrepreneurship

Content includes: Entrepreneurship Foundations, Employee to Entrepreneur, Public Relations Foundations, Video Writing: Using Humor to Communicate and Persuade

3. Management

Content includes: Management Foundations, Understanding Business, Managing Skills for Remote Leaders, Managing Teams, Business Innovation Foundations, Balancing Innovation and Risk, Innovating Out of Crisis

4. GDPR and Data Privacy

Content includes: Understanding and Prioritizing Data Privacy, Creating a Culture of Privacy, Learning GDPR, GDPR Compliance: Essential Training, GDPR Compliance: Essential Training, Achieving GDPR Compliance with Microsoft Technologies

5. Online, eCommerce and Social Marketing

Content includes: Lead Generation Foundations, Marketing Foundations: Ecommerce, Building an Integrated Online Marketing Plan, Social Media Marketing for Small Business

6. Effective Communication

Content includes: Public Relations Foundations, How to Write a Press Release, Launch Your Product to the Press, Building Trust

7. Negotiation and Conflict resolution

Content includes: Human Resources: Managing Employee Problems, Asking for a Raise, Negotiation Foundations, Conflict Resolution Foundations, Communicating with Confidence, Managing New Managers

8. Financial Management

Content includes: Finance Foundations for Solopreneurs, Running a Profitable Business: Calculating Breakeven, Business Financials Explained, Accounting Foundations: Statement of Cash Flows, Revenue, Staffing, and Expense Models Explained

9. Project Management

Content includes: Project Management Foundations, Project Management Foundations: Teams, Project Management Foundations: Risk

10. Human Resources

Content includes: Strategic Human Resources, HR: Leadership and Strategic Impact, HR: Strategic Workforce Planning, Organizational Culture, Recruiting Foundations

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Meet some of our Students

"The program is genuinely exciting and effective thanks to the microlearning. The up-to-date topics and quality lecturers are pushing me forward in my professional as well as personal life."
Mgr. Jiri Hudec, MBACase Manager
"This type of study is exactly what I was looking for. I consider e-learning to be very effective, but here it will also connect you with the best lecturers in the field. If you look at the price-performance ratio, you get the best on both sides."
Mgr. Martin Hejl, MBADirector at Scripture Union
"The quality of the content was really above my expectations.You can apply it straight away, when you're at the meeting with subject specialists where you don't have deep knowledge."
Martin Mlcoch, MBAB2B Sales Consultant at SALESDOCk