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Women in Business and Entrepreneurship

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Women in Business and Entrepreneurship

  • In today's modern business landscape, female leaders and entrepreneurs push boundaries, break barriers, and create unparalleled success stories. Yet, challenges persist. The professional Effective MBA ‚Äď Women in Business and Entrepreneurship course is a¬†beacon of empowerment tailored for employed adult learners, illuminating the path for every woman aspiring to ascend the business ladder.
  • Commence your journey with a¬†deep dive into formulating the very foundation of a¬†business. Learn how to ideate, position, and develop your product or service, ensuring it‚Äôs rooted in a¬†vision that matches your ambition.
  • This is a¬†goldmine for women looking to resume their careers after a¬†hiatus. Grasp strategies for re-entry and success while understanding how to challenge gender pay inequities. Understand your business's financials, from calculating break-even points to mastering value-based pricing. Drive profitability and sustainable growth with robust financial management.
  • Explore leadership strategies tailored for women. Whether leading like a¬†futurist or fighting gender bias at work, arm yourself with essential skills to navigate and thrive in male-dominated terrains.
  • Part of this specialization's content are tips and information on steering approaches and work styles of successful company leaders, such as Microsoft, Adidas, Nike, Kraft Heinz, Tesla, Alphabet, IBM, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, AirBnB, Uber and others.

Key benefits for you

  • Female-Centric Leadership Tools
    Develop leadership mindsets tailored for women, ensuring inclusivity in every leadership role.
  • Idea Validation & Business Planning
    Understand the nuances of ideating, positioning, and strategic growth for your business or service.
  • Navigating Career Challenges
    Gain strategies to fight gender bias, champion pay equity, and create a transformative career plan.
  • Financial Mastery
    Ensure your business remains profitable with a solid grasp of financial concepts tailored for solopreneurs and small businesses.

Women in Business and Entrepreneurship consists of

10 Modules

Effective MBA

1. Business Idea of the Product or Service

Content includes: Mission and Vision Statements Explained, Finding and Testing Your Business Idea, Determining Market Size for Your Product or Service, Positioning Your Product or Service, Value Proposition Development, Creating Growth Projections for Your Business, Strategies for Emerging Markets, Creel Price on Social Entrepreneurship

2. Entrepreneurship

Content includes: Entrepreneurship Foundations, Employee to Entrepreneur, Public Relations Foundations

3. Woman in Leadership

Content includes:¬†20 Habits of Executive Leadership, Become a Courageous Female Leader, Communicating as a Leader, Leading like a Futurist, Inclusive Female Leadership, Leadership Strategies for Women, Leadership Mindsets

4. Marketing

Content includes:¬†Offline Marketing, Local Marketing, Integrated Marketing Strategies, Creating a Marketing Growth System

5. Woman and Career

Content includes: Career Strategies for Women Re-Entering the Workforce, Create Your Dream Career: A Transformative Guide for Women, Fighting Gender Bias at Work, Fighting Gender Bias in the Workplace, Getting to Yes: Advice for Female Founders on How to Get Funded, Challenging Gender Pay Inequity in the Workplace, Own It: The Power of Women at Work, Success Strategies for Women in the Workplace, Becoming a Male Ally at Work, Mastering Self-Leadership

6. Sales for Success

Content includes:¬†Growing Your Small Business with LinkedIn, Networking for Sales Professionals, Sales Negotiation, Selling Strategies that Boost Customer Acquisition, Creating a Membership Based Business

7. Business Growth

Content includes: Business, Crafting Problem and Solution Statements, Writing Your Company Overview, Creating a Business Plan, Scaling Your Small Business

8. Financial Management

Content includes:¬†Finance for Solopreneurs, Running a Profitable Business: Calculating Breakeven, Business Financials Explained, Income Statement (P&L) and Cash Flow Explained, Value-Based Pricing, Revenue, Staffing, and Expense Models Explained

9. Women Transforming Tech

Content includes: Strategies for Female Empowerment, Women Transforming Tech: Breaking Bias, Building Your Brand, Career Insights, Finding Sponsors, Getting Strategic with Your Career, Networking, Tips for Career Success, Voices from the Field, Find Your Passion, Developing Your Authentic Self to Ignite Change, Confidence, Unapologetically Ambitious, Executive Presence: Tips for Women

10. Family Business, HR and Cybersecurity

Content includes: Starting a Business with Family and Friends, Creating a Family Business Plan, Hiring Contract Employees, HR - Finding and Retaining High Potentials, Become an Entrepreneur Inside a Company, Cybersecurity for Small and Medium Businesses

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