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Real Estate

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Effective MBA

Real Estate

  • This specialization guides students to become leaders in the real estate industry and provides the quantitative and qualitative tools necessary for their roles in shaping the future of the industry.
  • You will learn valuable skills such as how to offer advice for individuals who are shopping for a¬†new home or office building, how to market and sell a¬†piece of property, and how to manage land development by using economical factors.
  • Graduates of the Effective MBA Real Estate course can find job opportunities with the real estate brokering, management and consulting firms. They are valued for their subject-based understanding of the real estate market and the ability to apply their skills into practice.
  • Part of this specialization's content are tips and information on steering approaches and work styles of successful company leaders, such as Microsoft, Adidas, Nike, Kraft Heinz, Tesla, Alphabet, IBM, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, AirBnB, Uber and others.

Effective MBA - Real Estate

Approved by Ray Prosek

The best real estate professional in Hawaii, Ray Prosek has earned multiple Top Sales Hawaii Awards as well as International and USA Top Production Real Estate Awards,
in addition to receiving the Lifetime Achievement RE/MAX Award & International Hall of Fame RE/MAX Award.

Real Estate consists of 10 Modules

Effective MBA

1. Introduction to Real Estate Business

Content includes: Seven Streams of Real Estate Income, Real Estate: Estimating Repair Costs, Rental Properties 101, Real Estate: Developing a Growth Mindset, Real Estate: Negotiating with Sellers, Real Estate Investing 101, Social Media Marketing: Real Estate

2. Real Estate Investment

Content includes: Pre-investing: Before Investing in Real Estate, Virtual Investing in Real Estate, Part-time Real Estate Investing

3. Management

Content includes: Management Foundations, Understanding Business, Managing Skills for Remote Leaders, Managing Teams, Business Innovation Foundations, Balancing Innovation and Risk, Innovating Out of Crisis

4. Marketing

Content includes:¬†Marketing Foundations, Growth Marketing Foundations, Create a Go-to-Market Plan, Marketing Strategy: Competitive Intelligence, Integrated Marketing Strategies

5. Real Estate Deal

Content includes: Real Estate Deal Structuring: Introduction to the Waterfall Framework, How to Analyze a Wholesale Deal in Real Estate, Real Estate: Navigating the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Real Estate Contracts, Economics for Everyone: Housing Markets in Crisis, Real Estate: Fearless on the Phone, Sales Negotiation

6. Sales for Success

Content includes:¬†Growing Your Small Business with LinkedIn, Networking for Sales Professionals, Sales Negotiation, Selling Strategies that Boost Customer Acquisition, Creating a Membership Based Business, etc.

7. Real Estate Analysis Foundations

Content includes: Real Estate Analysis Foundations

8. Finance

Content includes: Finance Foundations, Accounting Foundations, Finance Foundations: Risk Management, Finance Essentials for Small Business

9. Real Estate Analysis II.

Content includes: Real Estate Analytics, Analyzing a Real Estate Deal, Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Analysis

10. Human Resources

Content includes: Strategic Human Resources, HR: Leadership and Strategic Impact, HR: Strategic Workforce Planning, Organizational Culture, Recruiting Foundations

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"The program is genuinely exciting and effective thanks to the microlearning. The up-to-date topics and quality lecturers are pushing me forward in my professional as well as personal life."
Mgr. Jiri Hudec, MBACase Manager
"This MBA program is not about theory, but about the practical experience of experts in the field. The study helped me to use current experience and knowledge and apply them to the real environment of business using real-world examples of true professionals."
Ing. Jan Strasek, MBAEngineer and Sales Manager at ҆koda Auto Dealership
"The quality of the content was really above my expectations.You can apply it straight away, when you're at the meeting with subject specialists where you don't have deep knowledge."
Martin Mlcoch, MBAB2B Sales Consultant at SALESDOCk