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Modern Women's Leadership

  • In the evolving dynamics of the business world, modern women leaders are at the forefront, pioneering change and setting new standards. Recognizing this momentum, we proudly introduce the Effective MBA ‚Äď Modern Women's Leadership course, meticulously designed for employed adult learners eager to embrace the leadership roles of the future.
  • Delve into the core foundations of business and management, focusing on leading remote teams, fostering innovation, and navigating through crises with a¬†strategic mindset. Understand the essence of digital leadership, harness the power of social media, and imbibe practical skills to "Lead Like a¬†Boss."
  • Become the epitome of female leadership with modules covering inclusive strategies, futurist approaches, and cultivating a¬†solid leadership mindset. Learn the art of mentoring and coaching, managing diverse and cross-functional teams, and unique challenges like managing seniors or steering results-driven teams.
  • Discover tools for women to re-enter the workforce, fight against gender biases, champion pay equity, and become a¬†formidable force in any professional setting. Cultivate a¬†harmonious and productive environment with insights into workplace happiness, managing anxiety, and envisioning the future of workplace learning.
  • Part of this specialization's content are tips and information on steering approaches and work styles of successful company leaders, such as Microsoft, Adidas, Nike, Kraft Heinz, Tesla, Alphabet, IBM, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, AirBnB, Uber and others.

Key benefits for you

  • 360¬į Leadership Development
    Comprehensive modules catered to modern women leaders' unique challenges and opportunities.
  • Practical Skill Acquisition
    Equip yourself with actionable skills, from managing remote teams to crafting press releases, making you workplace-ready at every step.
  • Career and Personal Growth
    Dive deep into modules that address career re-entry, bias challenges, and personal development tailored for women leaders.
  • Tech and Digital Savviness
    Stay ahead of the curve by understanding women's roles in tech.

Modern Women's Leadership consists of 10 Modules

Effective MBA

1. Management

Content includes: Management Foundations, Business Foundations, Managing Skills for Remote Leaders, Managing Teams, Business Innovation Foundations, Balancing Innovation and Risk, Innovating Out of Crisis

2. Leadership

Content includes: Digital Leadership, Social Media for Leadership, Lead Like a Boss, Leadership: Practical Skills

3. Woman in Leadership

Content includes:¬†20 Habits of Executive Leadership, Become a Courageous Female Leader, Communicating as a Leader, Leading like a Futurist, Inclusive Female Leadership, Leadership Strategies for Women, Leadership Mindsets

4. Manager as a Coach and Mentor

Content includes:¬†Managing a Cross-Functional Team, Managing a Diverse Team, Managing Your Manager, Managing Someone Older Than You, Managing for Results

5. Woman and Career

Content includes: Career Strategies for Women Re-Entering the Workforce, Create Your Dream Career: A Transformative Guide for Women, Fighting Gender Bias at Work, Fighting Gender Bias in the Workplace, Getting to Yes: Advice for Female Founders on How to Get Funded, Challenging Gender Pay Inequity in the Workplace, Own It: The Power of Women at Work, Success Strategies for Women in the Workplace, Becoming a Male Ally at Work, Mastering Self-Leadership

6. Productive Workplace

Content includes: 5S Workplace Productivity, Humor in the Workplace, Driving Workplace Happiness, Managing Anxiety in the Workplace, The Future of Workplace Learning, Workplace Visualization

7. Women Transforming Tech

Content includes: Strategies for Female Empowerment, Women Transforming Tech: Breaking Bias, Building Your Brand, Career Insights, Finding Sponsors, Getting Strategic with Your Career, Networking, Tips for Career Success, Voices from the Field, Find Your Passion, Developing Your Authentic Self to Ignite Change, Confidence, Unapologetically Ambitious, Executive Presence: Tips for Women

8. Transition to Leader

Content includes:¬†Transitioning from Manager to Leader, Make the Move from Individual Contributor to Manager, Lead Like a Boss, Developing Your Leadership Philosophy, Building Resilience as a Leader, Self-Awareness, Authenticity, and Leadership, Motivation

9. Digital Marketing for the 21st Century

Content includes: Digital Marketing Foundations, Building an Integrated Online Marketing Plan, Marketing Tools: SEO, Social Media Marketing Foundations

10. Effective Communication

Content includes: Public Relations Foundations, Public Relations Foundations: Media Training, Writing a Press Release, Launch Your Product to the Press, Building Trust

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"This turned out to be the best investment I made in the past year. I loved the way video courses were made by excellent lectors from praxis. I can recommend the program as it sticks to the promise "effective" and I would also add help in your personal and career progress."
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