Effective MBA explained in 14 simple steps


How does Innovative Effective MBA work in 14 simple steps?

The effective MBA program is prepared and designed exactly for you – working adults with very little time and therefore, it brings you the greatest benefits:

  • The program is 100 % online,
  • You only need 15 minutes a day,
  • It takes 10 months or even less,
  • You also become a part of the international community,
  • Our program is accredited by IES and ICI,
  • You will gain experience and knowledge from the experts, founders, and top managers of AirBnB, Tesla, YouTube, Linked In, and many more.
  • You can start your studies for a great price of €695, with a 100 % money-back guarantee.
  • You will also receive extra bonuses worth more than €1300, free of charge.

For the MBA program to bring you the maximum for your development, our experts have prepared several specializations from which you can choose the most beneficial and interesting one for you.

How does the Effective MBA work?

The entry requirements are:

  • Secondary education and work experience as a minimum,
  • Basic level of English.

Our learning videos also contain English transcripts and English subtitles, so it´s easier for you to understand better. You can also slow down or speed up the videos. This again helps to understand the English language better. Moreover, you can choose English or any other language of your choice for the written outputs.

The whole MBA program consists of 10 modules and lasts 10 months or even less, depending on how much time you will devote to it.
However, you can study even longer, and it’s totally up to you.

Each of the 10 modules is divided into 30 daily blocks, which are gradually unlocked after completing the previous block.

The daily block lasts 15 minutes. However, you also have the option of additional materials available to deepen your knowledge beyond 15 minutes of studying per day.

The daily block consists of mandatory and voluntary parts:

  • Video tips for your personal development are a mandatory part of your studies.
  • The same goes for the learning videos of each day, prepared for you by top experts and industry leaders.
  • Watching recommended videos will expand your knowledge on the given topic.

After completing the daily block, the next block will open for you to continue your studies.

Every 6 days, you will get a tip on a recommended eBook or audiobook to deepen your knowledge on the given topic.

Measuring the progress of your studies is very important to us, and it takes:

  • the form of unassessed tests during each module,
  • the assessed tests with a minimum passing score of at least 65%,
  • the final tests at the end of each module with a minimum score of 80%.

You have unlimited attempts to pass all the tests.

You are always in control of your study progress in your student account.

After completing the module, you will write down a brief personal action plan to set learning objectives for yourself and how best to apply the acquired knowledge in real-world practice.

As a confirmation of your study progress, you will also receive certificates that can be used, for example, for your CV, Linked In, or other social media:

  • Receive at least 30 certificates for completing given topics in each module of your program specialization,
  • Obtain a certificate after completing each of the 10 modules.

Completing your studies requires:

  • a brief evaluation of the fulfillment of your personal action plans from the individual modules,
  • and successfully passing the final test with a minimum score of 80% with an unlimited number of attempts,
  • completing your final Personal Action Plan for applying the learning outcomes of your MBA studies to real life.

After successful completion of the program, you will receive:

  • professional degree and diploma of completion of MBA studies,
  • transcript of records with the list of subjects and their evaluation
  • international certificate IES,
  • and International certificate ICI verifying acquired skills.

Your successful studies save money and help charity!

  1. Complete your studies within 10 months, and you will get 5% of the tuition back.
  2. Finish within 12 months, and we will send another 5% of your tuition, on your behalf, to the charity of your choice.

We guarantee that we will refund your money back if you decide not to continue the program, no matter the reason.

Supporting you during your studies is our priority, and you can always rely on us. Your personal study advisor will be in touch with you in the form of your choice, for example:

  • via video call,
  • via email,
  • via mobile phone,
  • or via chat in the student account.

Sign up today and start improving and working on yourself with an Effective MBA.

We look forward to welcoming you to EDU Effective!


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