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Design Thinking and Strategy

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Effective MBA

Design Thinking and Strategy

  • Why choose to study Effective MBA - Design Thinking and Strategy?
    In a rapidly evolving business ecosystem, staying ahead requires understanding current trends and anticipating future changes. This course goes beyond traditional teaching and combines the empathetic and human-centered approach of design thinking with the foresight and execution of strategy that are critical to modern businesses. If you want to gain unparalleled competence and business acumen, an Effective MBA - Design Thinking and Strategy is the right course for you.
  • The Human-Centered Approach: Design thinking is more than just a buzzword; it's the new North Star for businesses. It's about redesigning processes, strategies, and systems that resonate with end users. This course illuminates design thinking principles and focuses on solutions that create real value.
  • Strategic Execution: Strategy is the grand plan - the bridge between ambition and reality. Dive into creating strategies that stand the test of time, leveraging business analytics, mastering digital transformation, and even understanding the often overlooked complexities of cybersecurity.
  • Led by experts in the field, this course delves deep into interactive prototyping sessions and analytical discourses. Whether you're an entrepreneur aiming to succeed in the market, a corporate professional looking to drive innovation in your department, or simply someone who loves solving problems, this specialization is designed to propel you to the forefront of modern business strategy and innovation.
  • Learn from leaders who have worked for Google, Paramount Pictures, McDonald's, Nike, Amazon, LinkedIn, eBay, Magento, Fortune 100 clients and more. These are not just successful companies but often revolutionary companies. And it's because of these experts and industry leaders, that insights are theoretical, practical, and proven.
  • Future-ready competencies (Upon completion of the course, employed adult learners will be proficient in):

    • Strategic business decision-making: validating business ideas, setting specific business goals, understanding business analytics, and creating compelling value propositions.

    • Holistic brand management: from creation to redesign, ensuring your brand resonates with your target audience.

    • Human-centered design: experience with prototyping and design solutions based on data analytics.

    • Digital expertise: whether it's leading digital transformation efforts or protecting against cyber threats, become the digital leader your organization needs.

    • Leadership in remote environments: ensure efficiency and productivity regardless of physical location.

    • ...and much more.

Design Thinking and Strategy consists of 10 Modules

Effective MBA

1. Business Idea of the Product or Service

Content includes: Mission and Vision Statements Explained, Finding and Testing Your Business Idea, Determining Market Size for Your Product or Service, Positioning Your Product or Service, Value Proposition Development, Creating Growth Projections for Your Business, Strategies for Emerging Markets, Creel Price on Social Entrepreneurship

2. Brand Building and Design Thinking I.

Content includes: Brand and Marketing Integration, Integration Fundamentals, Integration Process, Creating a Brand Strategy, Frame Your Brand Strategy, Brand Research, Brand Creation, Brand Strategy, Brand Redesign, Consulting Foundations, Establish Your Brand, Become an Object of Interest, Building Your Brand, Design Thinking: Prototyping, Why Prototyping, Prototyping Design Process, Prototyping Modern Uses and Solutions, Prototyping Methods and Approaches, Make a Prototype, Design Thinking: Data Intelligence, A Foundation for Design Intelligence, Applying Data Intelligence to Design, Our Transformation through Intelligence, Seeing Data Intelligence

3. Design Strategy I.

Content includes: Business Development Foundations, Business Analytics Foundations: Descriptive, Exploratory, and Explanatory Analytics, Business Analytics Foundations: Predictive, Prescriptive, and Experimental Analytics, Business Process Improvement, Business Analysis Foundations: Planning, Business Analysis Techniques for Business Transformation, Developing Business Partnerships, Measuring Business Performance

4. Design Strategy II.

Content includes: Setting Business Unit Goals, Designing a Training Program: Setting Goals, Objectives, and Mediums, Marketing Foundations: Personalization, Marketing Foundations: Value Proposition Development Marketing Your Professional Service, B2B Marketing Foundations: Positioning, Business Development Foundations: Researching Market and Customer Needs, Sustainability Strategies

5. Remote Work

Content includes: Remote Work Foundations, Managing Virtual Teams, Leading at a Distance, Time Management: Working from Home, Leading Virtual Meetings, Optimising Virtual Work, Motivating Remote Workers, Time Management for Remote Workers

6. Digital Transformation for Leaders I.

Content includes: Foundations of The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), RPA, AI, and Cognitive Tech for Leaders, Digital Transformation, Business Collaboration in the Modern Workplace, Strategic Agility

7. Digital Transformation for Leaders II.

Content includes: Leading with Innovation, The Future of Performance Management, Digital Leadership, Customer Service Leadership, Machine Learning

8. Design Thinking I.

Content includes: Design Thinking, Social Innovation, and Complex Systems, Design Thinking: Venture Design, Design Thinking: Customer Experience, A Design Thinking Approach to Putting the Customer First, Learning Design Thinking, Design Thinking: Implementing the Process, Product Innovation for Product Managers, Enhancing Team Innovation

9. Design Thinking II. and Productivity

Content includes: Lean Technology Strategy: Managing the Innovation Portfolio, Balancing Innovation and Risk, How to Innovate and Stay Relevant in Times of Change and Uncertainty, Managing Innovation, Business Analyst and Project Manager Collaboration, Business Collaboration in the Modern Workplace, Psychological Safety: Clear Blocks to Innovation, Collaboration, and Risk-Taking, Creating a Culture of Collaboration, Thriving at Work: Leveraging the Connection between Well-Being and Productivity, Extreme Productivity (Blinkist Summary)

10. Cybersecurity

Content includes: Cybersecurity for Executives, Cybersecurity at Work, Cybersecurity Awareness: Security Overview, Cybersecurity Awareness: Phishing and Whaling, Cybersecurity Awareness: Malware Explained

Key Competenices

Given the comprehensive modules outlined in the "Effective MBA - Design Thinking and Strategy" course, the following are 15 key competencies acquired by an adult learner upon completion:

1. Idea Validation & Market Positioning

Mastery in assessing market sizes, testing business ideas, and positioning products or services.

2. Comprehensive Brand Strategy

Skills in brand integration, research, creation, and redesign using modern methodologies.

3. Prototyping & Design Intelligence

Proficiency in creating, using, and evaluating prototypes along with incorporating data intelligence in design.

4. Advanced Business Analytics

Understanding of descriptive, exploratory, predictive, prescriptive, and experimental business analytics.

5. Strategic Business Unit Planning

Setting tangible business unit goals and strategies for market positioning and value proposition.

6. Remote Team Leadership

Expertise in leading, motivating, and managing virtual teams and meetings effectively.

7. Digital Transformation Mastery

In-depth knowledge of Industry 4.0, AI, RPA, and strategies for modern business collaboration.

8. Innovative Leadership

Developing and leading with innovation, understanding the future of performance management, and ensuring customer-centric service leadership.

9. Design Thinking Proficiency

Comprehensive understanding of design thinking as applied to venture design, customer experience, product innovation, and complex systems.

10. Productivity & Collaboration

Skills in fostering a culture of collaboration, managing innovation, and strategies to increase workplace productivity.

11. Cybersecurity Awareness

Familiarity with essential cybersecurity principles, including threats like phishing, whaling, and malware, tailored for executives.

12. Business Development & Partnership

Establishing and nurturing business partnerships, performance measurement, and business transformation techniques.

13. Understanding Digital Marketing Personalization

Mastery in personalized marketing strategies for better brand reach.

14. Product and Service Value Proposition

Crafting compelling value propositions to captivate target markets.

15. Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Insights into creating ventures that drive societal impact and growth.

These competencies reflect the breadth and depth of the course content and ensure a holistic grasp of design thinking and strategy in modern business environments.

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