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Effective Mastery in AI

  • Effective Mastery in Artificial Intelligence program offers you not only up-to-date and relevant knowledge, but also hands-on experience and an increase in your credibility in the job market, whether in your current job or a new one, as the age of AI is upon us and you need to be prepared to succeed.

  • It is ideal for those who are eager to break into the dynamic world of AI and gain not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills in using AI to save time and get a¬†head start in the job market.¬†

  • The program is structured into ten modules that systematically cover everything from basic AI principles to advanced technologies and their application and use in the real world. With a¬†flexible structure, you can study whenever it's convenient for you without having to sacrifice your work or personal commitments and hobbies.¬†

  • Effectively prepare you to use AI to innovate business strategies and to improve performance and productivity.
  • Upon completion of the program, you will receive a¬†professional certificate that will open the door to new career opportunities not only in the AI field thanks to your newly acquired competencies.

Mastery in AI consists of 10 Modules

Effective MBA

1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

The Introduction to Artificial Intelligence module is designed to give you a comprehensive grounding in the field of artificial intelligence and its applications. You will learn about the complex spectrum of AI, from basic concepts to conversational AI technologies to their integration into business strategies and management practice. Throughout this module, you will also dive deeper into the world of intelligent automation and understand how digital thinking is transforming today's business world in the AI era. This will equip you with the necessary skills to take on leadership roles in modern business. You'll also learn how to identify and implement innovative AI solutions that have the potential to radically transform existing business models and strategies, all in a friendly and supportive atmosphere that encourages creative thinking and practical applications of newly acquired knowledge.

2. Fundamentals of Machine Learning

The Fundamentals of Machine Learning module offers a comprehensive overview of the key concepts and algorithmic pillars that form the basis of artificial intelligence. You will learn about the thought process of machines and how to use probabilistic models to make accurate predictions and gain a deeper understanding of data. This knowledge is absolutely crucial for creating sophisticated recommendation systems and intelligent applications. The module also emphasizes the human element in the world of machine learning, highlighting common obstacles and showing how to avoid them. It also presents the most important skills that machine learning professionals should possess to succeed in this dynamic and growing field.

3. Data Science Fundamentals

The Data Science Fundamentals module is carefully designed to provide you with a usable foundation in data science. Our aim is to introduce you to key concepts, learn proven methodologies and gain practical data analysis skills that you can use in your decision making. We will also focus on data science methodologies that will help you learn how to transform datasets into valuable business insights and effectively use data to drive strategy and innovation. In addition, the module emphasizes common data science mistakes you should avoid. This awareness will help you avoid costly missteps in future data science projects while increasing the efficiency of your work.

4. Neural Networks and Deep Learning

The Neural Networks and Deep Learning module offers you a comprehensive insight into the fascinating world of artificial neural networks and advanced deep learning methods. From basic principles to advanced techniques such as image recognition and person identification, this course provides everything you need to understand and use these revolutionary technologies. Not only will you gain the knowledge needed to design and train recurrent neural networks, but you will also learn about practical real-world applications of deep learning that allow machines to "see" and correctly interpret visual information. Emphasis is placed on practical skills, particularly optimization and fine-tuning of models, which will provide you with the knowledge to build powerful and accurate models for a variety of deep learning applications.

5. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The Natural Language Processing (NLP) module is for anyone interested in discovering how artificial intelligence can understand and create human speech. During the module you will be introduced to the world of applications using the Hugging Face Transformers library and learn how to implement NLP models using PyTorch and TensorFlow. You will gain valuable hands-on skills with the latest tools available in NLP today. The module emphasizes learning advanced NLP techniques in Python that are key to machine learning, and building effective NLP pipelines using the spaCy library. This will enable you to create sophisticated natural language processing solutions that can be integrated into smart products and AI and IoT applications.

6. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) module is designed to provide you with a comprehensive foundation that is essential for understanding and working effectively with IoT technologies. We start at the very roots - from basic concepts, to key standards, to diverse ecosystems. The module takes a detailed look at managing and coordinating IoT devices, explaining how devices are connected and how they work together within larger systems. Another important element of the module is the increased focus on cybersecurity and privacy, which is imperative in today's age of connected devices.

7. Ethics, Privacy, and Responsible AI

The Ethics, Privacy and Responsible AI module will provide you with a detailed insight into the ethical and legal challenges associated with the use of artificial intelligence. In this topic, you will learn about the ethical dilemmas posed by generative AI, learn strategies for effectively protecting personal data in a corporate environment, and gain an overview of current AI issues in the context of copyright law. The module also emphasizes the fundamentals of responsible use of AI, including its principles and specific application examples. This module will prepare you for the ethically conscious integration of AI into the future professional activities and business plans.

8. Robotics and Automation

The Robotics and Automation module is carefully designed to introduce you to the key concepts and technologies that underpin the fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0. You will learn in detail about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, which enables the efficient automation of structured business processes. You will learn to identify processes that are ideal for automation and gain practical skills in working with RPA tools such as Automation Anywhere. The module also covers a method for improving RPA effectiveness, and introduces real-world applications of RPA and testing automation solutions in a variety of industrial situations. You can look forward to an interactive and inspiring environment to learn how technology can transform business and open up new possibilities in the digital era.

9. Using AI in practice

The Using AI in Practice module is designed to be as practically oriented as possible. It aims to give you deep insight into how generative AI technologies can be used to solve real business challenges and bring innovation to their brands. You will learn how the integration of AI can transform your approach to, for example, project management, digital marketing, business opportunity generation and product management. During the module, we'll look at how generative AI is impacting areas such as customer service, finance and accounting, auditing, human resource management, recruitment and talent management. We won't neglect its role in education and personal development, with an emphasis on how AI is transforming online search and the way we communicate.

10. AI Trends, Business Strategy & Productivity

The AI Trends, Business Strategy & Productivity module will give you an in-depth look at current and expected trends in AI and their impact on business strategy and work efficiency. It offers predictions on how AI will shape our work and personal environments in the coming years, and introduces the latest technologies that organizations can use to strengthen their market position. You'll gain insight into how AI is impacting different sectors of the economy through concrete examples. You will also learn how to effectively use AI tools to maximize your personal and professional potential.



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