EDU Student Attending an International Science Conference

We are pleased to announce that a student of the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) education program at EDU Effective, Joy Weigand successfully participated in the Digital Data-Driven Economy online science conference organized in collaboration with our partner university LIGS University with her presentation.

The virtual conference took place on June 28th-29th, 2021. Joy’s contribution “Big Data and SMEs” was afterward also included in the list from this conference after peer-review by the Conference Committee!

As Joy Weigand says: ‘’I enjoyed the conference. There were not only interesting presentations but also great questions, a super panel of experts and a moderator was extremely helpful and nice”.

A collection, under ISBN: 978-0-9996639-9-8, will be released and available soon on in electronic and paper form.

About the Event

The Digital Data-Driven Economy conference was hosted by our academic partner LIGS University the USA.
This scientific conference was attended by speakers from 16 world countries from both academia and the professional community, which provide an opportunity to share knowledge and experience, but it also serves as a connecting point for students to create relationships and network with peers and professionals from all over the world.

Conference Annotation

Data-driven companies will be the winners in the digital economy. To that end, it is critical to invest heavily in infusing the discipline of data science into your company for the benefit of your customers and employees. This allows us to optimize both operations and customer and supplier experiences. It is a no-brainer that data is the new fuel of the digital age. As the data economy becomes imperative to a nation’s growth and future prosperity, steps must be taken to ensure data usage in innovative and effective ways. Moreover, it is crucial to analyze the value of data from different perspectives. Meanwhile, the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic is encouraging many countries to jump the bandwagon in bringing the paradigm shift in embracing the data economy. Also, in light of these events, emphasis will align on data privacy, data ethics, as well as taking actions to help enterprises lacking data maturity or actionable understanding to use data effectively. At the same time, more and more businesses will be capable of making better post-hoc data-driven decisions.

Digital networking and conferences offer plenty of benefits that may appeal to entrepreneurs long after quarantine.

Congratulations to Joy on this achievement! We believe that we will soon be able to announce further achievements of EDU Effective students who will participate in many (scientific) international conferences.



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