EDU Effective Business School’s new looks

We would like to announce visual changes in EDU Effective Business school.

Thank you everyone – our students, graduates and partners, who helped us choose the new looks of EDU and we hope you will like it as much as we do.

Here is detailed information what else comes with the change:

  • With this opportunity we organized our educational program offer for new students. For our current students everything stays the same.
  • EDU Effective Business school will continue to stand by its quality and to bring the best out of american and european professional education with the most effective form as microlearning for adults and young professionals.
  • Thanks to this unique connection of American and European education, our graduates obtain a professional certificate of completed course (Effective MBA, LL.M., MSc. or MPA) from American EDU Effective Business School and IES with ICI confirming gained knowledge and skills. They will also obtain non-academic titles from EDU Effective Czech Republic, European Union such as Master of Business Administration, Master of Science, LL.M., or MPA which they can use in tied with their name and in their resumé. 
  • These changes will help us to react faster on needs of our students and prepare new subjects or specializations.
  • EDU Effective is preparing a few more news such as use of AI, remote working, etc.
  • We will still be offering our effective short courses, which students can complete separately from the studies or add them in their syllabus as a bonus to get the most out of their chosen specialization. 

We are proud that our educational system is attracting a lot of interest from professionals around the world. We feel humbled, thankful and motivated to keep doing the best we can to support a community of more than 4 and a half thousand students from 89 countries.

That’s why we are preparing more and more developing tools we will be informing you about and start using step by step, such as online and offline networking, conferences, meetings, more Alumni programs, etc. The main goal of these innovations is to build an EDU Effective community, sharing your experience, knowledge and motivation for self-development, growth, success and personal satisfaction.

It’s wonderful to see how we’re achieving next one of our goals is support for charity, where we in the name of our graduated students donate 25 euro. Up to this day we donated more than 40 thousand euro and supported all kinds of organizations such as Doctors without Borders, Save the Children, UNICEF, etc.

Another project in our planner is also our new Scholarship fund in the name of one of our beloved departed professors, Joe Levesque. The fund is open for all students, graduates, and partners to support those who can’t afford to study. It’s also going to be funded by half of the membership of Alumni + group. Everyone can donate and support this fund so together we can help others to open doors for them and maybe put them on a path of achieving their dreams.

We believe you’re going to like our new visuals and identity together with our new refreshed programs offering that certainly bring its benefits. Together we are part of the fast-growing community of EDU Effective, something unique and strong. 


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