EDU Effective Supports Charity – Donations throughout 2020 – 2022

Why Does EDU Support Charity?

Should that even be a question? Honestly, who doesn’t. 

How much more a human needs and how much more should a human give? Without giving there is no living. Our culture in EDU Effective is about others. It’s about students, but also about those who cannot study.  Who’s life is difficult and has no resources for education, support and basic human needs. Our main agenda is to make education available to all, but we are aware that some can’t even have a laptop. We want humanity to grow. To grow in knowledge but also in their hearts. The world should be a kind, compassionate place for everyone. 

EDU Effective, our students and our team wish to help people all together. Because power comes from support and unity.

What Organizations Have We Worked With So Far?

EDU Effective was born about two years ago and we have worked together with so many beautiful organizations. 

Thanks to our amazing students we helped and donated to following charities:

Save the Children

“Children don’t cause or start wars, yet there’s no denying they’re the biggest and most vulnerable victims in any conflict. World leaders must protect children.” – Save the Children

This Unique organization is helping children across the world, read more on their website:

NROS – The Civil Society Development Foundation


About this organization supporting human civil rights and freedom you can read more here:

Unicef – For Every Child

UNICEF works for the rights of every child, every day, across the globe. – Unicef

About this organization standing up for children’s rights read here:

More organizations you can read about:

Another fields where to support and donate:

  • Orphanages (FOD Klokánek etc.)
  • Sports equipment for children from socially disadvantaged families
  • Animal shelters
  • Church charities and organizations
  • Civil Society Development Foundation
  • ADRA Foundation
  • Projects from
  • People In Need (Člověk v tísni)
  • Foundations focused on help among seniors
  • Children hospitals
  • Help to Tornado Victims in the Czech Republic

How to Donate?

If you have always wanted to donate to a charity, but never had enough money or resources, this can be your chance. We donate 25 for every graduate who completed their Masters program in 12 months and 100 for Doctoral graduates who finished their studies in 30 months. With EDU, you can study and help others at the same time. If you enroll in our program and finish your studies on time, we will happily donate for you to any organization of your choice. 

The instructions are simple – study, graduate on time, choose a charity and we send a donation in your name directly to them. 

Statistics of EDU Charity Support From The Start

Our students have been very successful in finishing their studies within the timeline we give them in order to be able to donate.

We summarized for you all of donations in the past two years of EDU existence:


In our first year of existence we donated 155 361,50 in czech crowns which is about 6 395,35 euro and $6 754,91 in United states dollar. 


In the second year we made a huge difference from the first year and we are so proud and happy to announce that over this past year we have donated 649 659,75 in czech crowns, which is about 500 000 more than in the first year! In euro it would be 26 738,05 and in US dollar 28 229,78

These numbers and especially the growth in only two years, warms our hearts and makes us extremely happy about where our concept and goals of this revolutionary education are heading to. We believe we are on the right path toward helping others and making education accessible and finishable for working professionals or anyone with other responsibilities.. 

Donations to Each Organization Over the Past Two Years

We ourselves were curious which organization received the most from our students, so we built a summary of the major and most chosen organizations.

The most supported organization by a choice of our students is UNICEF, second place holds sports and sport equipment for children, Doctors without borders would come as third, fourth is Save the Children and fifth is Support (

If there is anything else you would like to know about EDU and Charity, you can follow this link


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