EDU Effective Student´s Poem

We are happy to share a poem about EDU Effective from our student Mr. Alderd J. Froolik, MBA.
Enjoy it!

To start studying at EDU Effective Online,
You know, in the long run, that diploma will be mine.
Four hours of study each day,
Will get your career on its way.

With each lesson passing by,
You are less wondering why.
With completing your final test,
You know you are becoming one the best.

At EDU Effective, you can become a Doctor in your field as well,
So, do not wait any longer and go ringing the bell.
But beware this, for some, painful truth becomes a fact,
It is not about a piece of paper but all about how you act!

Thank you, Mr. Alderd J. Froolik, MBA, for your great poem! It made us very happy!

Did the poem make you happy too?
Can you think of any others?
Please email it to us at!
We will be happy to publish the best ones.

Have a great day, all of us from EDU Effective Business School!

  1. Thanks for your kind words!

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