EDU Effective Student´s Haiku Poem

We are happy to share a Haiku poem about EDU Effective by our next student Mr. Frankie Graham Jr.
Enjoy it!


Haiku poem:

What is a Haiku?

Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese art poetry that captures the essence of life in its purest form. Renowned for its brevity and poignancy, a haiku distills a moment’s observation into a microcosm of universal experience.

The genesis of the haiku dates back to the 17th century when it was born from the ‘hokku,’ the opening three lines of a longer Japanese poetic structure known as the ‘tanka.’ Over time, these opening lines grew in popularity and gravitas, leading them to separate and evolve into their own distinct form of poetry—the haiku.

At its core, a haiku consists of three lines. Despite its brevity, a haiku aims to capture an evanescent moment, often rooted in nature or daily life and invites the reader to pause and reflect. Haiku poets strive to express the extraordinary in the ordinary, the deep in the shallow, and the eternal in the transient. It’s not just about crafting a poem; it’s about distilling a feeling, an observation, a fleeting moment into its purest form.

Explaining a haiku isn’t just about deciphering its structure or syntax. It’s about understanding its spirit—its desire to connect the immediate with the infinite, the specific with the universal, the minute with the monumental. It’s about appreciating the haiku’s power to encapsulate a universe within a droplet, a lifetime within a moment.

In conclusion, haiku is not merely a form of poetry; it’s a philosophy, a way of viewing the world. It embraces simplicity and cherishes the present moment. It is an ode to the beauty of brevity and the profundity of perception. Explaining a haiku goes beyond understanding its construction—it is about embracing its ethos and appreciating its ability to resonate with the complex human experience in the simplest of words.


Thank you, Mr. Frankie Graham Jr., for your great Haiku poem! It made us very happy!

Did the poem make you happy too?
Can you think of any others?
Please email it to us at!
We will be happy to publish the best ones.

Have a great day, all of us from EDU Effective Business School!


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