EDU Effective Poem

We are happy to share with you a short poem about EDU Effective. Enjoy it!

At EDU Effective Business School,
We disrupt access to education’s rule.
Microlearning is our game,
And lifelong learning is our aim.

Effective MBA, LL.M., MPA,
We offer courses in every way.
Students from around the world you’ll find,
Personal development’s always on our mind.

We’ve selected the best content for you,
To help you succeed in all that you pursue.
A great prize awaits those who sign up,
So take the leap and don’t give up.

We’re not just about personal gain,
We help charity because of your name.
Join us on this journey of success,
And together we’ll make progress.

Did the poem make you happy? Can you think of any others?
Email it to us at!
We will be happy to publish the best ones.

Have a nice day,
EDU Effective Business School wishes us all!


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