“EDU Effective can offer a meaningful form and content of study compared to the competition,” says Martin Mandinec, MBA, graduate of the MBA program in HR

We are immensely pleased by the enthusiasm of numerous students willing to share their impressions and insights about their studies at EDU Effective. For today’s interview, we have chosen Mr. Martin Mandinec, one of our graduates from the MBA program in Human Resources and MSc. in Management.

Martin, what prompted you to consider further professional education?

That’s a very good question. In my case, it’s about gradual progress not just in my professional life. From professional education, my primary expectation was to acquire new knowledge, which is highly essential in the field I work in. The world is constantly evolving, and it’s crucial to keep up. In the HR field, so much has happened in the past months that it’s unthinkable to just rely on work documents.

Another significant advantage of professional education is the excellent opportunity to connect with people in the same or similar field, forming new bonds. This way, we can expand our professional contacts and create a network of collaborators who will be helpful in our future careers.

How did you learn about our programs at EDU Effective?

About ten years ago, I seriously contemplated pursuing an MBA in Prague. I was even admitted to a program. However, my time constraints at the time prevented me from completing the studies. Additionally, health complications arose, which I still deal with.

Over a year ago, I got the chance to co-found a job agency, and my main focus now revolves around human resources. Also, as a management representative in our company, I face challenges every day.

So, I was looking for an opportunity to advance both in human resources and management. An education concept that would allow me to balance family time, work, and rest. Through the ‘uncle search engine’ (referring to Google), I stumbled upon links to a type of education I hadn’t encountered before, which was microlearning. This was just a small step toward finding more information about EDU Effective.

Why did the non-academic form of education win you over?

The non-academic form of education won me over because I’m more inclined to learn from people in practice rather than learning theory unsupported by real-life experiences. I’m more favorably disposed toward non-academic methods, where lectures are primarily conducted by practitioners. Their perspectives on the issues are highly valuable.

How was your experience studying with us? Is there something you’d like to highlight?

Studying opened up new avenues for me to implement advice from professionals into my work life, allowing me to study remotely and use the modern tools our world provides. Not being tied to specific devices, places, or times allowed me to make productive use of time that would otherwise go to waste. This certain level of time flexibility was exactly what I expected and continue to expect from professional education. As a person with a health handicap, I appreciated the option of online learning. The fact that I managed to obtain an MBA and MSc. is proof that the professional education at EDU Effective is designed for everyone, even individuals with certain health challenges.

Did obtaining your degrees impact your current career, financial compensation, professional credibility, or your role in company leadership?

Honestly, more than obtaining the degrees, the impact on my professional life comes from acquiring knowledge and insights from lecturers, as well as getting to know new people in the field. The degrees themselves are like the cherry on top, which probably won’t immediately affect my evaluation within my company.

To what extent have you been able to apply your acquired knowledge in your field?

Everything has its gradual development, and applying the gained knowledge into practice has started, but it’s still an ongoing process. The initial challenging task is forming a team of colleagues, as I’m currently making certain personnel changes. Here, I was inspired by the lecturers and their practical experiences.

Do you have any further plans for education?

At this moment, I don’t have any plans for further education. Perhaps in the future, I’ll focus on shorter courses on specific topics. I’m glad to have become an ambassador for EDU Effective. It motivates me to stay connected with colleagues and students alike. I’d be glad to serve as an example for those who hesitate about embarking on this path. If there’s interest, I’m open to meetings where we can discuss any questions or doubts. And who knows, as AI starts surrounding us, I might even encounter some of you in the future. MBA AI seems like an interesting option for further pursuit 😉

Is there something you’d like to convey to our colleagues or future students?

I’d be extremely pleased if professional education continues to progress. EDU Effective is on a very promising path in this regard. Compared to competitors, it offers a form and content of education that makes sense. One can complete universities and higher education institutions. But if there’s no inclination towards further professional education, one might find themselves missing the metaphorical train. We learn throughout our lives and, in a way, apply knowledge to our professional and personal lives. Therefore, I’m glad there’s a group of colleagues who want to provide a gateway to the world of information and further professional and personal growth.

What would I convey to students? Be open to new experiences and approaches. An MBA offers the opportunity to discover new perspectives and approaches to management and strategy that can enhance your skills and bring new ideas to your professional life. Actively engage in discussions and collaborate with peers. Professional education is an excellent chance to build a network of professional contacts and learn from colleagues from various fields and cultures. Overall, enjoy your studies and be open to new opportunities and challenges that will come your way on the path to professional growth!”


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