Effective MBA

Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership

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Effective MBA

Coaching, Mentoring & Leadership

  • The reason for establishing this specialization was the need of coaches, mentors, leaders and managers to have a course where they could refresh and improve their knowledge and get modern information from this demanding field.
  • It is necessary to work on personal growth and development to do the job of a coach, mentor or manager effectively.
  • This specialization includes all the necessary background for these professions.
    Be it coaching and mentoring itself, coaching styles and skills, negotiation methods and development for coaches, mentors and managers.
  • You can get the necessary inspiration for the job of a coach, mentor or leader from managers of successful companies such as AirBnB, BuzzFeed, Microsoft, Adidas, Nike, Kraft Heinz Company, Tesla, IBM, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn and others.

Coaching, Mentoring & Leadership consists of 10 Modules

Effective MBA

1. Coaching

Content includes: Coaching and Developing Employees, Coaching High Potentials, Building a Coaching Culture: Improving Performance Through Timely Feedback, Working with an Executive Coach, Retail Customer Service Management and Coaching, Coaching Employees through Difficult Situations, Train the Trainer

2. Coaching Styles

Content includes: Executive Coaching, Coaching for Results, Sales Coaching, Persuasive Coaching, Decision-Making Strategies, Executive Decision Making

3. Mentoring

Content includes: Being a Good Mentee, How to Be a Good Mentee and Mentor, Developing Mentoring Program, Human Resources: Leadership and Strategic Impact, Building Resilience, Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

4. Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Success

Content includes: Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers, Facilitation Skills for Managers and Leaders, Using Questions to Foster Critical Thinking and Curiosity, Improving Your Listening Skills, Emerging Leader Foundations, Consulting Foundations: Building Your Brand, Own Your Voice: Improve Presentations and Executive Presence, Managing Depression in the Workplace, Learning from Failure

5. Manager as a Coach and Mentor

Content includes: Managing a Cross-Functional Team, Managing a Diverse Team, Managing Your Manager, Managing Someone Older Than You, Managing for Results

6. Development for Coaches, Mentors and Managers

Content includes: Developing Executive Presence, Igniting Emotional Engagement, Leading Effectively, Managing Your Career as an Introvert, Balancing Multiple Roles as a Leader Improving Employee Performance, Developing Your Team Members, Developing Managers in Organizations

7. Negotiation and Conflict resolution

Content includes: Human Resources: Managing Employee Problems, Asking for a Raise, Negotiation Foundations, Conflict Resolution Foundations, Communicating with Confidence Managing New Managers

8. Leadership skills

Content includes: Managing Your Small Business, Leading with Innovation, Creating a Unique Competitive Advantage, Using Thought Leadership for Customer Acquisition, Freelancing Tips, Personal Branding on Social Media, Avoiding Burnout, Developing Managers in Organizations

9. Transition to Leader

Content includes: Transitioning from Manager to Leader, Make the Move from Individual Contributor to Manager, Lead Like a Boss, Developing Your Leadership Philosophy, Building Resilience as a Leader, Self-Awareness, Authenticity, and Leadership, Motivation

10. Business, HR and Cybersecurity

Content includes: Starting a Business with Family and Friends, Creating a Family Business Plan, Finding and Retaining High Potentials, Become an Entrepreneur Inside a Company, Cybersecurity for Small and Medium Businesses: Essential Training

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"My industry-related management experience has been given further exposure and a solid foundation in marketing, finance, business innovation, and managerial accounting, thereby empowering an engineer like me to start a business with confidence."
Francis Nwajei, MBAMaintenance Engineering Manager
"EDU Effective MBA is one of the best affordable online MBA available currently. This Effective MBA course is comprehensive and designed to meet the requirements of working professionals, managers, and people aspiring to become managers. The modules and topics covered under this course are worth the value."
Lalit Bisht, MBASenior Project Manager
"Efficient, effective and good way of learning. We can study anytime and anywhere with high-quality materials and an excellent e-learning platform. I got many things from this program: academic knowledge, theory, and practical approaches obtained from experienced lecturers."
Donald H. Sitompul, MBAVice President of Development