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About this course

Unlock Your Potential in Tech: Join Our "Women Transforming Tech" Course!

This course is an empowering journey tailored specifically for women who aspire to leave a mark in the technological world.

This transformative course is not just about strategies; it's about breaking barriers and building a brand that resonates with who you are.

Join us at "Women Transforming Tech" and unlock your full potential!

What you'll learn

  • Understanding Gender Biases in Tech
    Gain insights into the nature of gender biases in the tech industry and strategies to effectively navigate and challenge these biases.
  • Leadership Skills for Women
    The course focuses on cultivating leadership skills tailored to women in tech, emphasizing your confidence, decision-making, and influence.
  • Strategies for Finding Mentors and Sponsors
    You'll receive instruction on how to identify, approach, and maintain relationships with mentors and sponsors to guide and support your career growth.
  • Developing Executive Presence
    The course covers how to develop an executive presence, enhancing your communication and leadership skills to make a strong impact in professional settings.
  • Innovative Problem-Solving
    The course fosters innovative thinking and problem-solving skills, preparing you to tackle complex challenges in the tech world.
  • Understanding and Leveraging Tech Trends
    You will gain knowledge about current and emerging technology trends, enabling you to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

Women Transforming Tech

Throughout this dynamic course, you'll explore a wide array of topics critical for women's advancement in tech.
Type: Online course
Duration: 7.5 hours (self-paced)
Award: Certificate
Language: English
Level: Introductory

Study Materials

In every daily block you will find different types of study materials on the particular theme of the module. Lessons consist of:

  • Audio-Visual materials
  • Additional tips for relevant and interesting ebooks, videos or web pages
  • Short tests to evaluate your progress

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How do our courses work?

How do our courses work?

1. Access

You will get access to student information system Talent LMS. The whole course is going to take place there.

2. Test

A benchmark test before and after the course will help you measure your progress.

3. Lessons

The course consists of 30 x 15 minute daily lessons.

4. Unlocks

Every time you complete a lesson, the following one is unlocked.

5. Tips

Every week you will also receive interesting tips for videos, ebooks, web pages and more, tied to the topic you are currently studying.

6. Start anytime

You can start immediately, even today.

7. Certificate

Few days after you successfully complete the course and final benchmark test you will receive a certificate from us.

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Our courses consist of daily short lessons which follow the principles of microlearning. It is then easy to find time every day, maintain focus and learn what you need in practice.

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"I found the study very beneficial in several aspects. Short videos, an amazing compilation of so many inspiring business topics, great and practical tips, plus an improvement in a foreign language. I can even manage the study while I take care of my family. Thank you very much for the great opportunity!"
Pavla Koubkova, MBATeam Leader, Currently on Maternity Leave

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