Career Shift Success:
Mastering Job Interviews, CVs, and Cover Letters

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About this course

Are you ready to transform your career path and excel in the modern job market?

This course is your ultimate guide to navigating today's competitive job landscape. Tailored for adult professionals eager to enhance career opportunities and contemporary strategies.

What you'll learn

  • Job Search Strategies
    Comprehensive strategies for finding and securing job opportunities, including identifying and targeting suitable roles.
  • Crafting Impactful Resumes
    How to create standout resumes, focusing on structure and content and how to highlight skills and experiences effectively.
  • Writing Compelling Cover Letters
    Art of writing persuasive cover letters that complement their resumes and appeal to potential employers.
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization
    Discover strategies to enhance their LinkedIn profiles, making them more attractive to recruiters and networking contacts.
  • Interview Techniques and Strategies
    The topic covers various interview techniques, preparing learners for different interview formats, including traditional, video, and internal job interviews.
  • Practical Application of Skills
    A key focus is on the real-world application of these skills, ensuring that learners can immediately apply what they learn to their current job situation or job search.
  • AI Tools for Job Searching
    How to effectively use AI tools, like ChatGPT, to search and optimize the job hunt in the digital age.

Career Shift Success:
Mastering Job Interviews, CVs, and Cover Letters

Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to excel in interviews, create standout resumes and cover letters, and take a significant step towards your dream job.
Type: Online course
Mandatory content: 7.5 hours (self-paced)
Plus recommended content: 20+ hours
Award: Certificate
Language: English (with subtitles in other languages)
Level: Introductory
Original Course Fee: ‚ā¨79

Study Materials

In every daily block you will find different types of study materials on the particular theme of the module. Lessons consist of:

  • Audio-Visual materials
  • Additional tips for relevant and interesting ebooks, videos or web pages
  • Short tests to evaluate your progress

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How do our courses work?

1. Access

You will get access to student information system Talent LMS. The whole course is going to take place there.

2. Test

A benchmark test before and after the course will help you measure your progress.

3. Lessons

The course consists of 30 x 15 minute daily lessons.

4. Unlocks

Every time you complete a lesson, the following one is unlocked.

5. Tips

Every week you will also receive interesting tips for videos, ebooks, web pages and more, tied to the topic you are currently studying.

6. Start anytime

You can start immediately, even today.

7. Certificate

Few days after you successfully complete the course and final benchmark test you will receive a certificate from us.

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How do our courses work?



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Our courses consist of daily short lessons which follow the principles of microlearning. It is then easy to find time every day, maintain focus and learn what you need in practice.

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"Thanks to EDU Effective, I was able to study in my free time. A high-quality study program which will certainly provide new knowledge and skills that can be used in further education or career. If you want to invest in your knowledge, choose EDU Effective."
Milenko Kazimirovińá, MBASenior HR Coordinator at Manuvia

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