Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning III.

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About this course

Are you aspiring to master the realm of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Delving into AI and ML can be intricate without a structured learning path. Dive into "Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning III" to unravel this high-tech world!

In this comprehensive course, you'll deep-dive into:

Navigating the challenges AI presents. The nuances of applying narrow AI to decisions. Decoding two pivotal approaches in the AI domain. Gaining insights into supervised vs. unsupervised learning. Addressing concerns like harassment by AI. Grasping three foundational concepts of distributive justice in AI.
Exploring XAI: its merits, limitations, and business applications. A comparative study of Humans vs. Computers in AI. Deciphering investment strategies in XAI.
Understanding Transformers in NLP, their training, and architecture. Diving deep into Large Language Models.
Familiarizing yourself with Decision Trees, C5.0 Algorithm, Classification Trees, and Regression Trees.
An exhaustive look into NLP and Transformers.
Unraveling BERT, its benefits in Transfer Learning, and its association with Transformer Architecture.

Hands-on sessions in Text Classification and more!

This course isn’t just about learning; it's about paving your path to becoming an AI and ML connoisseur. Dive in, and let the transformative power of AI reshape your professional trajectory!

What you'll learn

  • Review of the challenges of AI
  • Applying narrow AI to a decision
  • Defining two effective approaches used when dealing with AI
  • Examining supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Explaining harassment by AI
  • Identifying three concepts that distributive justice is based on
  • What is XAI and XAI benefits and limitations
  • Humans vs. Computers
  • XAI business examples
  • Transformers in NLP
  • Training Transformers and Their Architecture
  • Large Language Models
  • Introducing Decision, Classification and Regression Trees
  • Text Classification
  • and many more

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning III.

This short course is a part of our Effective MBA ‚Äď Executive Management
Type: Online course
Duration: 7.5 hours (self-paced)
Award: Certificate
Language: English
Level: Introductory

Study Materials

In every daily block you will find different types of study materials on the particular theme of the module. Lessons consist of:

  • Audio-Visual materials
  • Additional tips for relevant and interesting ebooks, videos or web pages
  • Short tests to evaluate your progress

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How do our courses work?

How do our courses work?

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You will get access to student information system Talent LMS. The whole course is going to take place there.

2. Test

A benchmark test before and after the course will help you measure your progress.

3. Lessons

The course consists of 30 x 15 minute daily lessons.

4. Unlocks

Every time you complete a lesson, the following one is unlocked.

5. Tips

Every week you will also receive interesting tips for videos, ebooks, web pages and more, tied to the topic you are currently studying.

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