Certifications approval by international standards ISO – great news for EDU Effective community

We are happy to announce that we went through certification approval process and successfully gained certifications of quality following international standards ISO 9001:2015 (System managing quality), ISO 27001:2013 (System managing safety of information) and ISO 29993:2017 (System managing educational services for informal education and training)

Quoting our founder and director of EDU Effective Business School Dr. Pavel Makovsky: “ISO Certification is more and more important for today’s market of educational institutions. It makes us commit to quality and endless improvement of our programs and process, which brings up to date, effective and useful education for careers, self development and satisfaction to our students.”

ISO certification also means that EDU Effective has undergone a thorough process to demonstrate that it has effectively designed, set up and maintained a quality management system for the educational process and its continuous improvement.

More about international standards of quality assurance ISO 9001:2015, 27001:2013 and 29993:2017

Education providers are seeking perfection all around the world. That’s why there were created systems for quality control. We are proud we succeeded in this process and successfully obtained a certification of high quality education.

ISO 9001:2015 is a system controlling quality that provides identification of conditions is a quality management system that enables an organization to identify conditions, measure and improve performance while meeting student and regulatory requirements. 

The ISO 27001:2013 standard includes an information security management system that focuses on working and protecting data, which is particularly important in online education.

ISO 29993:2017 – or the Educational Service Management System for non-formal education and training (courses, training, etc.); provides guidelines for streamlining processes to ensure the quality of all educational services provided by EDU Effective. By incorporating these important standards into our education operations, we have demonstrated that we deliver excellence in service quality and fulfillment of educational needs and learning benefits.

Why are these standards of quality so important to us, and how practicing them helps to EDU Effective and why do they mean so much to us?

1) They  are an essential part of any educational program or process. They provide guidance on how the material should be presented and provide a benchmark for graduates to feel confident about the validity of their acquired knowledge.

2) It  helps students and graduates in their search for potential employers by demonstrating that the knowledge acquired in their particular program is valid and applicable to the situations they encounter in real life. 

3) It also  ensures a reliable level of quality and ensures that all participants have access to programmes and processes that are up-to-date and relevant.

 Quality standards benefit not only students and graduates, but also employers who can trust that those who have been trained to these standards have been educated correctly, efficiently, beneficially and effectively.

ISO Certificates means continuous, never ending commitment to improving EDU Effective Business School

EDU Effective Business School is committed to continuous improvement in its programs, student experience, and the benefits of learning to practice, which is why ISO certification is so important to us. 

Throughout its operations, EDU Effective has always strived to exceed expectations and achieve global excellence. With ISO certification, we have taken it a step further and have implemented a continuous improvement system, of which assessment, feedback and reviews are an integral part, allowing us to adjust processes and modernize teaching methods where necessary. 

ISO certification means that there are no limits to the standards that EDU Effective can set to enrich the student experience in its programmes, as well as contributing more effectively to the development of theory and practice in all areas studied.

How does quality assurance help us?

  • It’s a key part of the education sector – it enables us to ensure that we are delivering the highest standards of quality to our students. 
  • It helps EDU Effective strive for excellence in teaching, be clear about program outcomes, to benchmark quality against the best standards and encourage contribution and innovation. 

We achieve quality assurance through evaluation, feedback, continuous improvement and performance management with internal and external stakeholders. 

It is without up-to-date and effective quality assurance measures that progressive learning cannot be assured, which would in turn diminish the value of our training programmes and processes.

Therefore, as many students, alumni, lecturers preparing training programmes, staff, trustees and external experts from the professional and adult education sector are involved in the entire system of evaluation, feedback and improvement of programmes and processes.

And just by getting the ISO certification it confirms that we take the quality of the educational programs and processes used and the micro-learning way of education seriously and are constantly working to improve it, innovating for our students.

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