Can you complete MBA program online in less than 10 months?


The aim of founding EDU Effective is to maximize benefits for adult learners, who value their time and want to work on themselves, develop, improve and, most importantly, to not just stand still. Which is even more difficult and challenging in today’s world.

We can relate to that and that’s why we’ve come up with effective online education for working adults that will help you, with an appealing micro-learning method, to complete the entire MBA or LL.M. program in just 10 months or less.

Our program allows you to control the pace of your studying according to your current possibilities, so you can change the pace whenever you need (for example, you can study more daily blocks at once and thus speed up your study progress or you can slow it down a bit if you are too busy working on something else).

What are the main benefits of studying with EDU Effective?

  • Finally, quality and affordable education for working and busy people, which adapts to you at all times, you choose the intensity of studying and the time when you study.
  • Up-to-date knowledge and tips from your selected industry (video, e-books, tips and other helpful content)
  • Continuous measurement of your study progress
  • Obtaining certificates after completing each module which you can immediately use in your CV, social media etc.
  • A great feeling that you are helping with your studies not only to yourself but also to charity, as a part of your EDU Effective tuition fee goes to the charity of your choice.
  • Opportunity to belong to the international community of EDU Effective students and graduates, start networking with them, share your experience, etc.
  • Learn an important habit – to make time for yourself and your development.
  • Obtain a professional MBA, LL.M. or DBA degree certificate


Are you ready to start your studies now?

Sign up and start working on yourself today here!

Or you can book your call with the EDU Effective Personal Advisor, who will explain everything to you and answer all your questions at a time that suits you the best. Book your call here.



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